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What's the Scoop?

You may have seen the news that New York became the first US state to ban declawing. The response from the majority of cat lovers and rescuers has been overwhelming positive, but you may not know all the reasons why.

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Saying “Yes” to Animals like Otto

With major hair loss all over his body, scabs covering his skin, and eye issues, Otto was in bad shape.  He had never seen a vet. He needed our help.  And we said YES.
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Meet the New Board President
and welcome two new board members

The Sacramento SPCA is pleased to announce the appointment of Zack Morgan, DVM as board president and the election of two new members to the Sacramento SPCA Board of Directors.   Zack is the owner of the El Camino Pet Hospital in Sacramento, has served on the Sacramento SPCA Board since April 2016 and will serve a two year term as board president. 

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Kitten Season
How can you help these tiny mittens?

After weeks of rain, we are beginning to see the sunshine again. But as the temperatures start rising, it’s almost time to hear the pitter patter of little paws – Kitten Season is on the way! The Sacramento SPCA has already received the first unweaned kittens of the year and March has barely begun. How can you help?

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Dog Parks
What's the Scoop?

Dog Parks: they are popping up everywhere, and some even have treats for the humans as well. (We’re just as excited for Mutts and Mugs as you are!) These outdoor puppy wonderlands can be a great place for dogs to get their willies out, as well as a social outlet for both the pups and their humans! However, there are some things to keep in mind before running off to the nearest park with your dog.

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One on One
Intermew with Alta

Join us as we learn more about some of our favorite Sacramento SPCA residents. This morning, we spent a little time with Alta – a 7 year old orange tabby who has spent about two months at the shelter.

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Volunteer Alex Russell in our former transfer van

On the Road Again
How our Shelter Transfer Program Helps Animals in Need

Did you know the Sacramento SPCA has a robust transfer program? Since 2016, we have transferred over 1,000 animals from shelters in California. Our regular partners include the County of Sacramento on Bradshaw, Lodi Animal Services, Stockton Animal Services and the City of Sacramento shelter on Front Street (who we visit weekly). 

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A Voice for the Voiceless
Joining Forces for Pit Bull Advocacy

We have shared with you so many stories about our “longtimers” who spent many months at the Sacramento SPCA waiting for their new families. Dogs like Soley, Amy and Daphne, senior dogs with amazing personalities that needed a little extra time before finding the right match.

These dogs had something else in common — they were all Pit Bull mixes.

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Kindness in Action
By Karen Goff, Content Marketing Coordinator

“Look into my eyes. Can you see my joy? My fear? Contentment? Hunger? Can you feel my pain and see my happiness? I know I speak in barks and purrs, meows and howls and grunts; but if you watch me carefully, you might begin to understand me.  And maybe you’ll see, I’m not that much different than you.”

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Just the Five of Us
SPCA Staff Co-Adopts Kitten with Terminal Illness

The Sacramento SPCA staff comes across animals every day, regardless of whether they work hands on in the kennels or in our administration departments. We “fall in love” almost as often. You’ll find staff members bringing leftovers to their favorite dog, an extra plush bed for their special cat, and even homegrown veggies for a rabbit or guinea pig.