Love on Loan

Many individuals are unable to have pets in their lives and miss the companionship and joy an animal can provide. They may be residents of an assisted living facility, patients in a hospital or rehab center, children living in a receiving home, or even college students who need to de-stress during a heavy finals schedule. Regular visits from furry friends through the Sacramento SPCA’s Love on Loan program can make all the difference in someone’s life.


Senior Services

Animals are terrific friends. They energize our walks, enrich our lives, make us laugh and bring us unconditional love and peace of mind. And to top it off, medical studies have shown that pets are literally good for our health!

At the Sacramento SPCA we want to ensure the continued relationship between our local area seniors and their pets so they can maintain their special bond.

Senior Couple sitting on bench with dog

Little boy with cat

Youth Programs

Thank you for your interest in learning more about youth and education programming at the Sacramento SPCA. We are currently “taking a paws” on programming to evaluate the greatest needs in our community. Please check our website after the new year for 2024 programming information.