Kitten Season
How can you help these tiny mittens?

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After weeks of rain, we are beginning to see the sunshine again. But as the temperatures start rising, it’s almost time to hear the pitter patter of little paws – Kitten Season is on the way! The Sacramento SPCA has already received the first unweaned kittens of the year and March has barely begun. How can you help?




Spay & Neuter

The best way to make a difference this kitten season is to spay and neuter! An unaltered female cat can get pregnant as early as five months of age and give birth to up to 3-5 litters a year. While indoor cats are susceptible to accidental litters, an even bigger concern are cats that spend time outdoors. During the warmer months, feral and community cats are more likely to be on the prowl looking for a mate. To help compete against this annual spring and summer love fest, the Sacramento SPCA offers Sunday clinics specifically for Feral and Community Cats in the Sacramento area. In 2019, Sunday clinic surgeries are completely sponsored for feral and community cats in Sacramento County. That means you can make a difference…without a big dent in your savings! Our clinic also offers low cost prices to indoor and friendly kitties Monday through Saturday. 



When Kitten Season is at full speed, animal shelters receive litters upon litters of kittens every day. Many of these kittens are too young or too small to immediately go up for adoption, so we call upon our trusty saviors – the foster parents! Foster care volunteers watch over these kittens in their home until they are big and strong enough to be placed up for adoption. Foster parents can choose the age of kitten they are interested in: from newborn, to those that are just barely too small (seven weeks of age). Not only do foster parents get to snuggle baby kittens, but they also help prepare them to be wonderful family cats as adults! Fostering is a great way for children to help the Sacramento SPCA and for the family to bond!

Yes, it is sad when the kittens head back to the shelter. But not only are you saving lives, you experience ‘perma-kittens’ – when a batch goes back for adoption, just take home a new group!



Kittens are high maintenance, and when we have hundreds in foster homes and in our kennels, we need a lot of supplies! A litter of four kittens can go through a 24 pack of wet food in ONE WEEK. (20 litters of kittens in foster? Almost 500 cans a week!) Not only is wet food essential, but kittens also need litterboxes, litter, and dry food. Bottle baby kittens – those that require bottle or syringe feeding every 2-4 hours – require formula, bottles, syringes, heating pads and more. In addition to monetary donations, the Sacramento SPCA created an Amazon Wish List where donations can be sent directly to the shelter!



Last, but certainly not least, all of these kittens will need to find wonderful forever homes, as will the mothers and other adult cats in the shelter. When you adopt a cat, you are not only finding a new best friend, but you also open up a new space for the next incoming cat or kitten. The Sacramento SPCA offers many different cat adoption specials during the year, but Feline Friday ($5 adult cat adoptions) happens every Friday, year-round!