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In the animal rescue world, we often hear the phrase “I wish I could take them ALL home!” And while that feeling is true, we know that it’s not feasible for most of us!

But if you’ve formed a special connection with an animal at the Sacramento SPCA, how can you help him or her directly if you can’t adopt?

The answer is surprisingly simple – you can sponsor their adoption!

By sponsoring an animal’s adoption fee, you can help spotlight a potentially hard to place animal. Many times, that extra incentive can make the dog or cat more intriguing to potential homes. “Someone must REALLY love this dog if he’s sponsored! I wonder what makes him so special?” And maybe, just maybe, an adopter who was originally interested in a puppy or kitten might take an extra look at that dog or cat who has been sponsored by a loving ‘fan!’

Another great effect of sponsoring an adoption? You can start a movement! In 2017, we had an amazing string of sponsored adoptions “pawing it forward” to the next hard to place animal in need. Some supporters have even sponsored several animals at once in memory of an animal loving friend. Businesses like Taylor Morrison Homes have supported entire groups of animals (All seniors! All adult cats!) by covering their adoption fees.

So has a special dog or cat on Facebook caught your eye? Wish you could adopt the senior dog with no teeth, but know it’s not the right time?

Help change their life by sponsoring an animal today!

You can call (916) 504-2804 or contact!



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