Book Sales

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Fall Book Sale: November 9-17, Sunrise Mall

Did you know?

The Book Sale volunteer team has been selling gently used books on Amazon for the past few years and revenue has grown year over year as a result of their efforts.

 In 2017, online book sales raised $10,000 for the animals and in 2018; we raised over $16,000 – that’s amazing! To keep up with demand, the book sale team will be ramping up online book sale efforts this year and forming an ‘Amazon sales force’ here at the shelter!  We are currently training volunteers, setting up equipment and building our online inventory so we can launch officially this spring to the public.

Check out our books on Amazon HERE!

Book Sale Changes

In order to focus on building our Amazon sales team, we have moved the spring book sale to the fall. The Fall sale will now be our large sale of the year with 9 full days at the Sunrise Mall.   

We will not be hosting another 4-day book sale in 2019 so that we can build our new ‘Amazon sales force’ team and sell books online year-round!

For questions about the fall book sale or Amazon book sales, please contact Jessica Behrens at or Kristi Maryman  

DONATIONS: Book donations can be made at our Adoptions Building located at 6201 Florin-Perkins Road on Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00am-6:00pm.  Thank you for thinking of us for your book donation!