End of Life Services


Euthanasia Services

We encourage you to bring your pet’s favorite blanket or another comfort from home to provide him/her that extra added peace during his/her passing.

For all euthanasia requests, please bring a government issued identification card and your veterinarian’s diagnosis to confirm the euthanasia reason.  If one is not provided, the Sacramento SPCA retains the right to deny the euthanasia request. 

We accept cash or credit card only (no checks please) to provide any of the three euthanasia services below:

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Cremation Services

Prices are determined by your pet’s weight and are subject to change. Please note these fees are in addition to euthanasia fees, and unfortunately, we cannot offer installment plans for these services. Payment is accepted in the form of cash or credit only (no checks please). Services provided in partnership with Koefran.

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Interment Services

Losing a beloved pet is something we will all face as animal lovers. Because we understand what it means when a cherished companion passes away, the Sacramento SPCA recently constructed a columbarium where your pet’s ashes can be interred and where you are welcome to visit for years to come.

(916) 504-2803
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Pet Loss Support Group

The deep love and strong bonds we have with our pets can evoke profound grief and mourning when they pass away. Yolo Hospice Pet Loss Support Group offers a place of support and understanding as you grieve the loss of your beloved friend and family member.

Yolo Hospice Pet Loss Support Group
First Monday of every month from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Yolo Hospice
1909 Galileo Court, Ste. A
Davis, CA

(800) 491-7711
(530) 601-5756