Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

Pet overpopulation…the facts are simple.  There are just too many pets and not enough homes. The overpopulation problem has reached crisis levels, and the Sacramento SPCA is dedicated to helping end this crisis in our community by offering and promoting spaying and neutering.

Consider these statistics as to how just one litter can result in hundreds to thousands of unwanted pets:

Vaccination & Microchip Clinics

Vaccination & Microchip Clinics

The Sacramento SPCA’s Vaccination clinic is now available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please click here to request an appointment (Please selection Florin-Perkins location). Due to high demand, appointments may be booked out several weeks in advance. 

Are you 65 yrs and older?  Click here to learn about how we are better serving our senior community and their pets by expanding our no-cost vaccination service availability. 

Cat sitting on walkway

Feral/Community Cat Program


All Sunday clinics have been sponsored and spay/neuter will be FREE for all Sacramento County feral/community cats through September 2021! An appointment is required.



Euthanasia Services

We encourage you to bring your pet’s favorite blanket or another comfort from home to provide him/her that extra added peace during his/her passing.

For all euthanasia requests, please bring a government issued identification card and your veterinarian’s diagnosis to confirm the euthanasia reason.  If one is not provided, the Sacramento SPCA retains the right to deny the euthanasia request. 

We accept cash or credit card only (no checks please) to provide any of the three euthanasia services below:

  • Euthanasia Without Owner Present (by appointment) – This service is $60.
  • Emergency Euthanasia Without Owner Present (no appointment required)  - This service is $110 and available from Noon to 5:30PM Wednesday through Sunday.
  • Euthanasia With Owner Present (by appointment) –   This service is $110. Only two persons over the age of 12 are permitted in the room while this procedure is performed.  Although we understand that other household pets need time to say goodbye, they will not be allowed in the room while euthanasia is being performed.

We do not offer pick up or in-home services for euthanasia, but we do offer cremation services which we can explain at the time of your visit.  If you have any questions about the three services available, the required documentation or would like to make an appointment, please call our Customer Service Department at 916-504-2851.

A local pet loss support group is also available.