Adoptable Animals


Animals available for adoption

There is someone here waiting for you. Find out who by visiting our adoption center. All adoptions must be done in-person to ensure you’re sent home with the best friend that is right for you and your lifestyle.


Dogs & Puppies

Starting Friday, March 20th, our Adoptions Center will be CLOSED. Please visit for the most up-to-date information.

*ON FURLOUGH* - if you see this message appearing next to an adoptable animal’s name, it means they are out with a foster volunteer for the day or overnight and are currently not at the shelter.


Cats & Kittens

Starting Friday, March 20th, our Adoptions Center will be CLOSED. Please visit for the most up-to-date information.

All cats over 9 years of age are currently sponsored thanks to the friends of Jack Healy!


Foster Animals

Please note, these animals are currently in foster homes and not at the shelter. Please contact if you would like to meet one of these faces!



SPCA Pawspice Logo

This adoption program allows animals with terminal diagnoses to be adopted into a loving home, with palliative care provided by the Sacramento SPCA. Available Pawspice animals will be listed below. If you don’t see any, check back soon!


What is a Working Cat Program?

Feral Cat

Why adopt a working cat?

Supporting a working cat is a safe, inexpensive way to control the rodent population while providing a home for a cat who cannot be adopted out to an indoor household. There are no poisons for children and pets to get into and no need to set nasty rodent traps while employing a working cat. This environmentally friendly pest control saves money and prevents horses, livestock, and dogs from being accidentally poisoned.


The Joe Willie Initiatives

Senior cats and those requiring extra medical attention will be given even more second chances, thanks to a generous supporter and friend of the Sacramento SPCA, and a special kitty named Joe Willie. 

Mark M. Glickman, a resident of Carmichael, was inspired by his cat, Joe Willie, who had significant medical needs when Mr. Glickman adopted him 29 years ago. 

“In November 1990, I was on a noon-time walk in the San Francisco Financial District when I came upon a mobile adoption site, “ shared Mr. Glickman. “One of the kitties was a small Tuxedo cat. He had neurological damage in his back-side, and did not walk well. I expected that he would require ongoing attention for his condition, but adopted him anyway and named him Joe Willie.” 

“Stiff legs were just the first of Joe Willie’s challenges. He had serious gastro-intestinal issues and eventually lost his ability to walk. Later, he suffered a heart attack and stroke, all of which were treated by an extraordinary team of veterinarians. Throughout all of this, Joe Willie remained the sweetest, most loving cat I have ever known.”

In February 2019, Mr. Glickman established The Joe Willie Initiatives to help provide medical and placement help to promote the adoption of senior cats and cats with special needs. 

How will this help local kitties? 

“One out of every five animals that arrives at the Sacramento SPCA is in need of specialized veterinary care before they can be ready for placement in a new home. The percentage is even higher for senior cats,” stated Kenn Altine, Chief Executive Officer of Sacramento SPCA. “Mark’s incredible support over the past year has helped us to spotlight and promote our senior cats, who many times are overlooked by potential adopters. Now, with this incredible gift designated for medical care for cats, we will be able to save even more lives.” 

Mr. Glickman’s donation is the largest donation the organization has ever received for senior kitties and those with special needs. In addition to the Sacramento SPCA, Mr. Glickman honors the memory of Joe Willie through his support of other animal welfare organizations, including Marin Humane and Field Haven Feline Center. 

“All of my cats have inspired me,” said Mr. Glickman. “While I learned about cats from them, I learned about myself from Joe Willie. I want other people to adopt a cat and have that opportunity for an extraordinary connection.”