Camp Kindness
Nurturing Compassion at an Early Age

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Can you remember the exact moment you knew you loved animals? Maybe it was playing fetch with your family dog? Or cuddling up with your kitten to watch Saturday morning cartoons?

For many children, growing up with family pets instills a lifelong love of animals. A wonderful way to nurture this quality is to enroll kids in our Camp Kindness sessions! These day camps for children ages 7-15 foster awareness about animals, as well as teach the importance of kindness, respect, and responsibility towards our animal friends.

Our summer Camp Kindness sessions started two weeks ago, and our campers are having a blast! In addition to spending time with adoptable animals like Soley and Sunny, the kids experienced first-hand several of important programs at the Sacramento SPCA! Campers observed a bottle baby feeding session and learned how foster care is essential for our animals that need a little something ‘extra.’ Younger campers read stories with members of Red Rover and created animal related crafts. Have a future vet growing up at home? Older campers toured our high volume Spay & Neuter Clinic to observe surgeries and participated in a Q&A with one of our veterinarians. 

Many children who attended one of our Camp Kindness sessions have also gone on to choose the Sacramento SPCA for school projects and community service hours. While volunteers need to be 18 or older to assist “in shelter,” there are other opportunities for younger supporters to help the animals:

  • Thomas & Dog
  • Birthday Parties – Did you know you can host a birthday party at the SPCA? Instead of toys or gifts, kids can ask for donations to the shelter! 
  • Donation Drives – As a non-profit, the Sacramento SPCA relies on the generosity of the community to continue our mission. Children can host many types of donation drives to help the shelter, like used books, newspapers, toy & treat drives, and even monetary donations! 
  • Baking Pet Treats – If you have a budding chef on your hands, find a dog or cat recipe online and get cookin’!

Another bonus of Camp Kindness? Many of the kids bring their families back to adopt some of the animals they met during the week! It’s a win-win!

Summer Camp Kindness sessions are booked for the season. Visit in the Fall for Winter Camp dates!