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“Buddy is my best friend and I know we were meant to be together. My life would be very different without him.”

A year after losing her 16 year old Keeshond, Karen Wilkendorf found herself at the Sacramento SPCA. Previously diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and walking with a cane, Karen felt it was time to find her


Meet Karalyn Aronow
Animal Services Practice Manager

“I have always been driven by serving both animals and the humans that love them. After moving to Sacramento and working in a laboratory for a few months, I was eager to return to a leadership role with an organization dedicated to the improvement of animal welfare.” Enter the Sacramento SPCA and the newly created Animal Services Practice Manager position.  Hired in May of this year, Karalyn Aronow has an extensive background in animal welfare experience and a driving passion to establish the highest standards for both animal care and customer service. 


A Companion for the Ages

It’s April 1, 2000.  James McGee, a volunteer with the Sacramento SPCA and self-proclaimed “dog person” is looking for a companion.  Enter Pyewacket, an 11 month old cat named after the familiar from the 1958 movie “Bell, Book and Candle.” Upon climbing into his lap, she began to purr, stealing James’ heart. Having never owned a cat before, James took Pyewacket home to begin the process of learning what it was like to care for her. He quickly discovered that sharing his home with Pyewacket was much different than a dog!

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Want to Improve Work-Life Balance? Get a Pet!
By Guest Writer, Julie Morris

Ever since humans first domesticated animals¹ tens of thousands of years ago, they have provided constant companionship for people around the world. In our fast-paced modern world, people frequently feel over-worked, and research indicates this has a negative effect² on our lives as well as on our productivity. Luckily, there is an increasing body of evidence that pets can improve quality of life, reduce stress, and boost our health. Here are some ways pet companionship can be good for your mental and physical well-being:

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Happy New Year!

As we finish out the first week of 2017, many of us are already struggling with maintaining our New Year’s resolutions.  That’s because tackling those resolutions on your own is no fun at all!

We can’t think of a better way to stay on track in 2017 than to partner with your pet.  Achieving your goals will not only help you feel great, your pets will also benefit.  Join us over the next two months as we tackle some of the most popular resolutions of 2017 and provide tips on how you can incorporate your pet into this journey to the “new you”!

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Halloween Safety Tips!
Keep your pets happy and healthy on this spooky holiday!

The candy bowl is for trick-or-treaters, not Scruffy or Fluffy. Several popular Halloween treats are toxic to pets, especially chocolate in all forms and some sugar-free candies containing the artificial sweetener xylitol.

While a carved jack-o-lantern certainly is festive, curious pets can easily knock over a lit pumpkin and start a fire or get burned. 


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Jack’s Journey
Celebrating one year with his new family

Meet Jack!  He is a six-year-old terrier mix who recently celebrated his one year anniversary with his new family.  Of course he celebrated in style – his family baked him a liver and ground beef with egg cake, topped with fresh Greek yogurt and carrots, which his family explains, “he wolfed down in about 12.5 seconds.”

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Batty’s Journey Home

IN EARLY APRIL, the Sacramento SPCA received a special bulldog:  his name is Batty and he was born blind.  Batty’s previous owner gave him up at five months of age because of his poor overall health and a lack of funds to provide the medical care Batty needed.  He arrived in poor condition – covered in feces and with a large abscess on his chin.