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Join us as we learn more about some of our favorite Sacramento SPCA residents. This morning, we spent a little time with Alta – a 7 year old orange tabby who has spent about two months at the shelter.




Good morning Alta! How is your day going so far?

Alta: Hi there! I’m doing well, although it’s almost 9am and I’ve only received one breakfast this morning. Do you know who I can speak with about that?


We’ll talk with the management! Speaking of breakfast, we noticed that you’ve been working on your figure since you arrived at the SPCA. Was that a conscious choice?

Alta: Thank you for noticing! I’ve lost about 2lbs in the last few months. I know that doesn’t sound like a HUGE amount, but for a cat, that’s pretty good! The vets tell me it’s important so I can live a longer life, but really I’m just excited that I can finally see my toes again.


Good for you! In addition to cutting back on food, have you been doing any extra exercise?

Alta: I would love to say I’m training for a marathon, but to be honest, I usually only jump up and down off this giant ottoman. On rare occasions, I may swat at a wand, but I’m much more of a Netflix & Purr kind of guy. 

It looks like you’ve upgraded your condo to Tiger’s Habitat! The space in here is amazing!

Alta: Isn’t it though? It’s definitely an adjustment from single life to living with roommates (especially when there is a line for the bathroom), but I’ve gotten used to it! We have a stunning view of the front desk of adoptions, not to mention about 15 bed options. But I’m pretty chill with these other kitties, as long as they know I’m “top dog” – err, cat.


Good to know. Word on the street is that orange tabbies are some of the sweetest cats around. Any truth to that?

You know, I’m a firm believer that all cats are amazing, regardless of color. But I can speak for myself that I’m amazing, and happen to be orange, so maybe they are related after all!

The holidays are right around the corner. Anything special you want for Christmas?

Alta: I don’t want to sound like a Sarah McLachlan commercial, but a family would be a wonderful gift this Christmas! My adoption fee is already sponsored, so not only are you getting a great deal on a catch like me, but I’m even better than a Snuggie when it comes to keeping you warm. 

Thoughts on Christmas trees?

Alta: Dude – I’m seven years old. I’ve been around those things for years, they aren’t exciting anymore! Give me a fireplace or a space heater and I’m good.


Thanks for chatting with us Alta! Good luck on finding your new family!

Alta: Thank you. Please make sure to talk to management about that second breakfast.




Learn more about Alta by visiting our website at! Alta’s adoption fee has been generously sponsored by The Joe Willie Project.


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