Batty’s Journey Home

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IN EARLY APRIL, the Sacramento SPCA received a special bulldog:  his name is Batty and he was born blind.  Batty’s previous owner gave him up at five months of age because of his poor overall health and a lack of funds to provide the medical care Batty needed.  He arrived in poor condition – covered in feces and with a large abscess on his chin.

After Batty was bathed, fed and placed in foster care, a visit to UC Davis determined that he has a rare congenital (birth) defect in both eyes, resulting in his irises being stuck to the back of his corneas, causing scarring.  The eyes actually start out in that way, but in Batty’s case, they failed to separate normally during his development as a fetus.  Batty may stillk be at risk for developing glaucoma later in life, but since his eyes aren’t causing a problem now, it was decided that removal was not necessary.

From the caring hands of the Sacramento SPCA staff to his foster family, Batty went from a neglected dog to a more confident and happy pup.  He learned how to make his way around on a leash and received special equipment to help him navigate his new world:  a Muffin’s Halo for blind dogs.

Batty received a lot of attention on Facebook, and was featured on The Dodo – where a young couple in Wisconsin learned of his need for a very special home.  When Cassidy and Brett saw Batty’s story, they knew that they had to meet him.  They already had a blind rescue pit bull named Sotiras (meaning Savior) and knew that they could offer Batty the special care he would need.  They reached out to the Sacramento SPCA, were the first family to apply – and didn’t think twice about driving across the country to meet the little guy.

They planned to arrive in Sacramento on a Friday and hit the road for the long return trip back on Saturday.  Unfortunately, Brett experienced food poisoning on the trip out, which required a stop at the emergency room.  After Brett was feeling better, they jumped back on the road.  They arrived on Saturday afternoon, met Batty and ran down to the Sacramento SPCA to complete the adoption process.  Since they had to be back in Wisconsin on Monday, they set off on the return trip on Saturday evening.

Cassidy posted on Facebook, “We are on the long ride home now, and he is absolutely wonderful.  So full of love, cuddles and playfulness.”  Batty (now named Ago, short for Agios meaning Saint) is happily settled in at his new home.  To continue following his story, visit Batty’s Instagram page at Soto_Ago.  STAY IN THE KNOW, don’t forget to connect with the Sacramento SPCA via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:, and sacramento_spca.

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