Surrendering Your Pet

Appointments Required*
(Read more about Managed Admission here)

If you decide to surrender your pet

The Sacramento SPCA cares for more than 5,500 homeless animals annually. The majority of these animals are relinquished by owners who find themselves unable to care for their pets for one reason or another.

In accordance with the SPCA’s mission, the organization is committed to providing each animal we receive with optimum care and housing. Rather than overcrowd our shelter and risk the health and well-being of the animals in our care, we may periodically need to temporarily stop taking in additional owner-relinquished dogs and/or cats in order to maintain our ability to provide the best possible care to the animals in our charge. When this occurs, the SPCA will make every effort to keep the public informed of this changing situation.

We will do our best to find your pet a new home. Each animal that comes into our care is evaluated for both health and behavior. The results of these evaluations help us to determine the best course for your pet, whether that is placing them for adoption or with one of our rescue partners who can provide them sanctuary and/or rehabilitation.

Despite our best efforts, the unfortunate truth is that some animals cannot be placed due to non-treatable behavior and medical issues, and housing them at our shelter indefinitely would increase disease and illness. Because of this, humane euthanasia may be necessary.

Unfortunately, because we care for thousands of animals each year, we are unable to provide outcome results for individual animals.

Surrender process

  1. Know that we do not accept dangerous animals. Please contact your local animal control agency for assistance.
  2. Government issued ID is required to surrender a pet, and you must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. Review our surrender policies and agreement

*We accept animals at our location on Florin-Perkins Road by appointment.  Same day appointments are not available and scheduling is determined by capacity.  Appointments can be scheduled several weeks in advance, please call (916) 504-2851 to secure the next available appointment.  During the call, our staff will ask you several questions regarding your need to surrender your pet, as there may be alternative solutions. In addition, we recommend you visit to obtain information and resources to assist with common pet problems, such as locating pet-friendly housing, assistance with veterinary expenses and behavior issues.

Please print and fill out the respective surrender form and bring it with you when you surrender your animal.  

Dog surrender form
Cat surrender form
Small animal surrender form

The nominal surrender fee we require will help us to care for your pet.  We accept cash and major credit cards only.

Surrender fees (per appointment):

  • $60 first animal (dog/cat)
  • $60 for second animal (dog/cat)
  • $25 for small animal/pocket pet
  • $100 per litter (under 4 months)