Managed Admission


What is Managed Admission and why do I need to make an appointment to surrender my pet?

The Sacramento SPCA believes in helping the greatest number of animals with our available resources, which is why the shelter moved to a managed admission process on September 7, 2016.  This change will help regulate the flow of incoming animals, allowing the Sacramento SPCA staff to give more individualized attention to both the animals and the people surrendering them.

Families considering pet surrender are asked to make an appointment and are given the opportunity to speak with one of the Sacramento SPCA’s knowledgeable staff members about their particular pet issue.  Our goal is to provide families with all their options, and that the extra time and resources will allow them to discover other suitable arrangements, resulting in the pet remaining with the people who love them.

Appointment based surrenders will also allow the Sacramento SPCA to manage the flow of admissions so that our staff can better prepare to provide each animal with individualized care, medical attention, behavior and training and identify opportunities for foster care or rescue placement.

We believe that managed admission will help keep more pets with their people, provide greater care to the animals entrusted to us and ultimately save lives.  If you have additional questions or comments, please complete our Contact Us form.  Visit to obtain information and resources to assist with common pet problems, such as locating pet friendly housing, assistance with veterinary expenses and behavior issues.