Puppy Palooza!
As the Sac SPCA continues to receive puppies, how can you help?

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Puppies, puppies everywhere!

You’ve seen our posts:

“Nine one month old puppies with no mother!”

“Another litter of 7 in foster care to add to the ever growing puppy pile!”

“We now have over 30(!) puppies in foster homes waiting to get big and strong enough for adoption…”

“Two puppies, found emaciated and in rough shape…”


And now, only a few weeks later, a new batch of 11 underaged Rottie mix puppies have shown up at our door. While this is great news for those looking to rescue rather than purchase from a breeder, there are some other sides to the ‘puppy palooza.’

“All hands on deck!” 

Since many of the puppies we receive are underage (younger than two months), they require a safe space to grow and mature. We call upon our dedicated group of foster volunteers to take on this task! Although it’s fun to snuggle baby puppies, it’s also a LOT of work — especially with a huge litter. Our foster parents feed, clean and many times wake up in the middle of the night to care for their puppies. These volunteers also need to be available to visit the SPCA for booster shots, check ups and behavior tips to make sure their pups are happy and healthy.

Learn how to become a foster parent here!

“We need 438 more puppy pads!”

Foster parents need food, bowls, toys, bedding, puppy pads, crates and more to care for their fosters for several weeks. One foster mom with a litter of seven puppies used 438 puppy pads during a four week foster stint! Our foster program relies on the donations of people like YOU to help keep our puppies chubby, happy and clean. 

Donate needed supplies through our Amazon Wishlist!

“…But what about the older dogs??”

Because shelters don’t always have puppies up for adoption, pups receive a huge response from the community and we usually have many more interested parties than puppies available. But what about the animals who are a little older? The sad fact is, they do not have lines of people waiting to adopt them. Shelters around the country are full of adult and senior dogs looking for homes. The best way to help these animals is to spay and neuter your pets at home to prevent these “accidental” litters from happening in the first place!

The Sacramento SPCA offers low cost spay and neuter!



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