Kristin Beard King
Board Member



How long have you been with the Sacramento SPCA Board?  
I am the newest member of the Sacramento SPCA Board, as of March 2021. 

Where do you live?  
My family lives in the Sierra Oaks neighborhood of Sacramento. 

Tell us a little about your day, what do you do, what have you done?  
I am a founding partner at Political Solutions in downtown Sacramento, founded in 2003.  We have grown to 15 female professionals and are certified as the first female-owned WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise) lobbying firm in the nation. We represent about 50 clients including non-profits, associations and major corporations.   

Are you currently participating in any other organizations or associations?  
As a firm we participate in several female advocacy organizations, but personally I am focused on my new role with the SSPCA. 

Any past affiliations you would like to share?  
I have fond memories of volunteering after college at the SSPCA, at the shelter and with mobile adoption events. I’m very excited to begin in my new role with the board. 

What unique talents and skills do you bring to the SSPCA board? 
As a lobbyist, I understand the importance of relationships and strategic communication skills to achieve goals, and this very much applies to the goals of the SSPCA. I bring a unique understanding of the public policy process, as well as relationships with key policy makers. I have also been involved in fundraising efforts for several organizations which I think will be helpful to raising funds for the SSPCA. 

We would love to hear about your family, starting with your pets…  
We currently have two rescued dogs. Lilo is a 11-year-old female Great Dane and Biggie is an approximately 6-year-old male Neapolitan Mastiff.  Lots of gentle giant love and slobber!  And my human family is made up of my husband Matt who works at Intel, my daughter Chloe who is studying Biology at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. I also have two sons, Charlie who is a Senior, and Cooper who is a Junior, in high school. 

Finally, what excites you about being part of the SSPCA board of directors? 
I am thrilled to be serving in this new role which combines my life-long love of animals with my passion for the SSPCA’s enormous impact on not only the Sacramento community, but many others as well. The global COVID pandemic and natural disasters have highlighted not only how important our relationships with our animals are towards our family’s mental and physical health, but the absolute necessary services the SSPCA provides daily.  We have a nationally ranked spay and neuter clinic and provide access to affordable animal health care at the Zoe K. McCrea Animal Health Center. In crisis situations we are also there to serve the community, like the animal transfer programs from other shelters in affected communities during California wildfires and the COVID pet-food pantry program. I look forward to working with the incredibly talented and dedicated Board members, staff and volunteers at the SSPCA.