Jill Parish
Board Vice President



How long have you been with the Sacramento SPCA Board?
I guess officially two whole months now!

Where do you live?
I live in Granite Bay now and I’ve lived in the Sacramento area most of my life.

Tell us a little about your day, what do you do, what have you done?
Professionally I own an organizational development consulting firm, called ThinkDev, with two partners so my actual day to day activity varies quite a bit. Some days I’m out facilitating a session at a client site, some days I’m building relationships with community members, some days I’m working all day from my office at home writing proposals or planning future sessions. Before starting my consulting firm, I worked in Learning and Organizational Development at UC Davis, Adventist Health and University of California, San Francisco.

Any past affiliations you would like to share?
I’m an alumni member of the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority at Sacramento State. Aim High!

What unique talents and skills do you bring to the SSPCA board?
My great passion in life is leadership and organizational development. Part of that is strategic planning, which I know will be put to good use. Also, I’m pretty funny so I have no doubt I’ll be able to bring my talent of making people laugh to the board.

We would love to hear about your family, starting with your pets…
Clover and Daisy are our 5 year old Boxers. They haven’t yet gotten the message that they aren’t puppies and have extraordinary amounts of energy. Poppy. Violet and Sage are our three cats that rule the house. I regularly think jealous thoughts of them as I walk by them napping all day. Regarding humans- I’m married to Dan, who is my high school sweetheart. He is a dentist in the area and owns two dental practices. We have three sons Connor, 18 and Liam, 14 who go to Granite Bay High School. Owen is 7 and absolutely rocking 2nd grade.

Finally, what excites you about being part of the SSPCA board of directors?
The foundation of my excitement comes from my love of animals. I’ve always been an animal lover and have always wanted to get involved as a volunteer with animals somehow. Beyond that, once I met the leadership and staff of this organization my excitement grew significantly. I was (and am) so, so, so impressed with the organized, innovative, passionate way in which they run Sacramento SPCA and I knew I would be honored to be even a small part of the impact they are making for animals (and humans!) in our community.