Volunteer Spotlight

Nancy holding a Dachshund

Nancy’s Nomination, “Nancy’s face is one I see around the shelter on a daily basis. She seems to be everywhere: smiling, offering support, whipping out a dog treat, having deep conversations with dachshunds, you name it!! She has so many roles as a volunteer, I can’t even keep them all straight, but she seems to help out with everything! She brightens the day and lightens the load and we are so lucky to have her!”







How long have you volunteered at the Sacramento SPCA? 
Since 6/3/12

Tell us about your role (or roles) as a volunteer? 

  • Schedule approximately 55 spays/neuters in PetPoint per week.
  • Edit approximately 300 spay/neuter surgery records and make corrections as needed per week.
  • Add up and record volunteer hours every month.
  • Enter adoptable animals in Petfinder 2 days a week.
  • Do book shelving for the Book Barn as needed.

Of all the organizations you could have chosen, why did you choose to volunteer your time here?
I chose to volunteer at the Sacramento SPCA because: 

SSPCA is committed to providing for those animals who have found themselves homeless for various reasons. staff and volunteers are conscientious about placing animals in new homes where they will be held as precious members of the household.

SSPCA is community-minded and active in providing spay/neuter services and vaccinations to economically challenged households.

SSPCA staff and volunteers demonstrate sincere love and compassion for the animals in their care.

What do you like most about helping animals? 
What I like most about helping the animals is that each and every animal I have ever met has no hidden agenda, is not judgmental, asks for nothing but love and companionship, and in return gives their whole heart in response to kindness.

Do you have any animals at home? If so, tell us their names, species, and ages! 
My home includes two canine SSPCA graduates.  Sunny is 5 years old and maybe a “chippet” (Chihuahua and whippet?).  Costello is 13 years old and a dachshund.  They are the love of my life and, no offense intended to anyone, they are the best kids in the world!

What would you say to someone considering volunteering?
To anyone who is thinking of volunteering I would say, “What are you waiting for?”  Volunteering here is the most heartwarming, fulfilling experience I have had in my whole life.  From the minute I enter the shelter to the minute I leave there is immeasurable joy in my heart and my daily goal is to do everything I possibly can to put a smile on the faces of staff and volunteers and to enrich the lives of each shelter resident.  They all give me so much more than I could ever give back.  

Nancy working on computer with kitten