Tess Haines
Adoptions Supervisor


How long have you worked at the Sacramento SPCA?
Exactly two years

What do you love most about helping animals?
Animals have always been my foremost passion in life, what the SPCA does for me is enables my ability to help in a hands-on setting. Most days, I really AM directly making a difference in a specific animals life, whether it’s suggesting an animal to a family that has been repeatedly passed over, catching a medical issue that was overlooked, aiding in socialization and providing comfort, or being able to step in and make myself and my home available to animals that may be facing more dire outcomes. When we receive newborn wildlife I am usually the one who steps in and syringe feeds baby birds or squirrels or even rats when it is too late in the day to take them to Wildlife, and they are unable to go overnight without constant feeding and heat, until we can get them safely to professionals.

What type of hobbies do you enjoy outside of the Sacramento SPCA?
When not working at the Sac SPCA I am usually very busy working on my own personal business, dealing in crystals, gemstones, and minerals. I started my own business to supplement my income so that I could still successfully support myself and continue to do what makes me happy each day. It has challenged my personal growth and allowed me to set some really great goals for myself. Now my days are filled with helping people and animals and playing with really pretty rocks when I get home. My business has satiated my passion for photography and creating beauty I am able to share with others. I enjoy reading and writing and doing things that nurture who I am, and am still becoming, as a Good Human.

If you could choose to be any breed of dog, cat or other companion animal, what would you choose to be and why?
I would be a Greyhound. They are a quiet, aloof, watchful, calm breed of dog, though they bond very fiercely with their humans and “pack.” They enjoy companionship and love and the simple things in life, and I can relate to them for all these reasons. Greyhounds are “thinkers” but can sometimes become high anxiety for this reason, which is something I also relate to coping with.

What animals are currently in your personal life?
I currently own one straw colored rat and two cats, one true Bombay mix and the other is a charcoal medium hair tabby.

Who is your favorite animal currently available for adoption and why?
My favorite animal in the shelter is Sapphire, a gorgeous fawn colored Staffy mix who has been with us since August 3rd. Sapphire is one of the most happy dogs you will ever meet- she seems to have a permanent grin on her face! Even though she has a stray history, she has quickly become a staff and volunteer favorite and we have learned so much about her in a very short period of time. She walks really nicely on leash and loves to run and do zoomies! She is very affectionate and after a good amount of play she transforms into a perfect couch potato! She loves to lean on and be near “her people” and is a smart, readily trainable dog who would bond very tightly to her new pack. Please come down to the shelter this weekend to meet my favorite girl!