Stranger Danger
Manage and Modify Stranger-Directed Aggression

Stranger Danger, Seminar Presented by the Sacramento SPCA

Has your dog growled, snarled, or snapped at strangers? Are you worried that they might? Does your dog take a long time to warm up to new people? Learn how to prevent bites and help your dog feel more comfortable around new people.

Topics include:

  • Understanding aggressive behavior
  • Causes and contributors 
  • Positive reinforcement strategies to decrease aggression
  • Body language and warning signs
  • Safe introductions
  • Skills for success
  • Troubleshooting strategies


  • Marvelous Muzzles! Teach your dog that wearing a muzzle is a GOOD thing!
  • Dangerous advice to avoid

These seminars are for humans only. PLEASE DO NOT BRING DOGS.

Includes lecture, photo and video examples. Presented by Sacramento SPCA Behavior and Training Specialist, Lisa Mullinax, CDBC.

Ticket Price: $39

Class Name Class Dates Class Times Ticket Price Tickets
Stranger Danger Wednesday, September 26th 6:15pm-9:15pm $39 Register Now!