Resource Guarding
For Dogs Who Don't Share

Resource Guarding

Does your dog growl when you try to take his stuff? Do you end up playing Keep Away with your dog every time she takes something she’s not supposed to? Does your dog eat food and other items before you can take them away? Your dog is exhibiting resource guarding behavior. 

Resource guarding is frequently caused or made worse by people following bad advice. Learn what science tells us about this behavior, how to prevent it in new dogs and puppies, and how to change problem behavior.

These seminars are for humans only. PLEASE DO NOT BRING DOGS.

Includes lecture, photo and video examples. Presented by Sacramento SPCA Behavior and Training Specialist, Lisa Mullinax, CDBC.

Ticket Price: $39

Class Name Date Time Price Tickets
Resource Guarding Saturday, October 13th 1:00-4:00pm $39 Register Now!