Hello SSPCA Staff, We adopted a cute little 13-year old boy named Bambino on June 29, and he has been a joy.He has been just what we wanted in a dog. He is very loving and he likes to play with the toys we got him and go on walks down our private road. His favorite toy is a duck with a Davy Crockett hat. He slings that thing around, sometimes throwing it into the air. He sleeps in his own bed on the foot of our bed. If he is the first to wake up, we awake to him looking for eye contact with us.Then, he crawls out of his bed and comes to give us good morning kisses. Bambino gets along well with our grandkids and granddogs whenever they come over. Even with his short legs, he is a brisk walker, and he walks even faster when he recognizes his driveway and wants to get back to his home. We never have to look very far to find Bambino, as he is keeps close and makes sure he knows where we are. When we adopted Bambino, several of you were happy that he would have a new home and a new family, as he had been in the shelter for a while. Attached are a few photos of Bambino in his new environment. Thank you all for taking such good care of him and making the adoption process so helpful and efficient. We will do our best to make the rest of his life stimulating and comfortable!