Adopt Hercules!
Hercules is ready for his new it yours?


Hercules was brought to us when an injury left him paralyzed in his back end. He was unable to walk or eliminate on his own. Our veterinary team sprung into action and with the help of specialists, we determined that the paralysis was likely caused by disc compression.

The good news? It was possible that he could recover! We immediately started treatment which included steroids and physical therapy. Within a few weeks of treatment, Hercules took his first tentative steps. Within a month and a half, he was able to walk (albeit a little wobbly). We are now three months into recovery and ready to find him a special family who will finish out the remainder of his treatment.

Hercules is currently on an immunosuppressant to aid in his recovery. The Sacramento SPCA will provide enough medication for three more months, at which point, he should be able to stop. Unfortunately, due to the paralysis, Hercules is no longer completely housetrained. He wears belly bands to help him control himself and he is doing better and better each day. We hope as he regains more sensation, he also will be able to hold himself longer. 

But let’s get to the important stuff: Herc’s personality! He is FULL of it. He is currently living with a foster family with 3 cats (grumpy cat, friendly cat, aloof cat) and 3 dogs (grumpy dog, friendly dog, aloof dog). He is able to coexist with everyone, but particularly enjoys the company of a female Mini Schnauzer. He can be a little overprotective of his toys and bones around other animals and may try to steal them away from his friends. He bonds very closely with (human) females and will often follow them around from room to room. Herc will grunt like a pig if he feels he’s being ignored, and may gently tug on your pant leg with his teeth as if to say “Hey! Hey you! Time for pets please!” Yes, he does bark. He is a Terrier after all!

Eating is Hercules’ favorite thing in the whole wide world — we think the steroids may have had a hand in that. He is always on time for breakfast and dinner. He eats Science Diet small breed kibble and allows you to give him his pills without issues. His favorite snack? An apple! He’s learned to gently eat it off the core. 

Hercules is able to walk most of the time, even on leash, as long as you move slowly. You will still often find him sprawled out with his back legs in a strange position, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He still has some difficulty on slippery floors, multiple stairs, or standing up from a laying position. Herc loves car rides and prefers to ride shot gun (or on your lap).

We know adopting Herc may be a challenge and that he needs a very special home, but we KNOW he deserves it and we KNOW that family is out there.

Is it you?

Please send a completed Application, as well as a short explanation as to why you think you would be a good fit for Hercules, to