Adoption Welcome Home Kits

Dog Crate filled with toys and other items

These kits are available for adopters to purchase before they leave to go home with their new pet and include a multitude of tools to aid in the transition of home life. For dogs, each kit includes a crate to assist with potty training and learning about life inside a house!  A Kong, which is a tool for keeping dogs mentally stimulated when their owners are away is included, along with a Sensible Harness which helps when walking with big strong dogs that might still learning leash manners. Also provided are toys, leashes, collars, balls, and blankets.  For cats, a transport crate, litter box, litter, and toys will help get your new feline friend start off on the right ‘paw.’

All of these items have been thoughtfully selected with the idea of setting up both our adopters and animals for success.

Cat carrier, litter box, food bowls, and toys

Available in 4 different sizes:

Cat – $75

Small Dog – $115

Medium Dog – $140

Large Dog – $165