6 year old Border Collie


Meet Mia! Mia is a 6-year-old McNab/Border Collie mix who weighs 50lbs. This gorgeous girl is looking for a breed-savvy home who is prepared to keep her busy! If you asked Mia what her favorite thing in the world is, she wouldn’t hesitate to tell you… TENNIS BALL! Mia is all about the ball and can stay laser-focused on endless games of fetch. (So get your throwing arm ready or invest in a chuck-it!) When not playing fetch Mia does have an “off switch” and is happy to chill out and relax, but she will need plenty of physical exercise and mental enrichment to keep her happy and healthy. 

Mia can tend to be reserved with new people, but she opens up quickly (having a tennis ball on hand helps) and we suspect that once you earn the title of “her person” you will find yourself with a loyal, lifelong companion. Once she’s your friend, Mia enjoys ear and chest scratches best. She enjoys being by your side and is well-mannered. Mia’s previous home reports she is house-trained, rides well in the car, enjoys water, and knows several commands. 

Mia has exhibited guarding behavior over high value food/treat items during her behavior evaluation. While this behavior was not reported in her previous home and Mia does not seem to show guarding behavior over toys/tennis ball, she may need to be managed around food and/or high value treats. Her new home should be prepared to manage this behavior.

Mia has previously lived with other dogs and has done well during dog intros here at the SacSPCA, but just like with people, herding breed friends aren’t for everyone! So we recommend a slow intro with new dogs and proper management in the home.
Mia has previously lived with cats, but a herder may not be appreciated by your cat! We recommend a slow introduction.
Mia is looking for an adult-only home! 

Mia’s ideal home would be with someone who has experience with the breed, time to keep her physically and mentally engaged, and dog sport experience or interest would be an extra plus! (Where are our fly ball fans at?!). 

Because Mia is looking for a specific type of home, she is not available for walk-in adoptions. If you are interested in meeting Mia please fill out an application.

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