volunteer highlight: curt

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From the staff member who nominated Curt:
Curt always tells us, “I will do anything for the animals!” And he means it! Curt has spent countless hours building, fixing, tearing down, cleaning up, renting trailers, running to the dump, etc.; all for the animals. He even does laundry when there is nothing else on his radar. Basically, doing a lot of dirty work for us. Do you need a hole dug? Curt’s your man. Need a fallen tree sawed up and taken away? He’s on it. Got a house full of furniture, housewares and lots of miscellaneous junk to get cleared out and ready to be sold to benefit the SSPCA? Curt is there, without hesitation. It seems the more physically challenging a project is, the happier Curt is to jump in and help!  Curt’s time and talents are so very appreciated here; the humans and animals at the shelter are very happy to call him a friend!

From Curt himself:

How long have you volunteered at the Sacramento SPCA?
I’ve been at the SSPCA since 2000. 

What is your role here as a volunteer?
My role is anything, really. I’ll do anything asked, and I enjoy it all. Anything that will benefit our animals, help staff morale, make life easier, safer, or cleaner.

Why did you want to volunteer your time here? 
Volunteering at our shelter gives my life incredible meaning. We get so much from animals, and even more so from the ones that people give up on. They teach us so many things: how to love, how to enjoy the simple things in life like truck rides or a soft bed!!! All the while they ask for so little in return. 

Dogs have ALL the beautiful qualities we admire in our our fellow man and NONE of the bad. 

Do you have any animals at home? If so, tell us their names, species, and ages!
I have 4 rescues (pictured below), 2 from Bay Area shelters and 2 right from us!! Nukka I snagged in 2005 from the SacSPCA, followed by Fred in 2012. Koda I got in 2009 through  Maureen at BASH (Bay Area Siberian Husky Club), followed by Klondike in 2010. Nukka is a tough one, she’s about 15 now. Koda and Klondike are about 9-10 years old and FatFred is about 7. They’re semi-spoiled and can choose between 17 different beds at home. They get lots of bike rides and truck spins in the cooler weather.

Curt, we thank you for all that you do for the animals and this community. We notice and appreciate who you are and what you do. Thank you!!