people who love animals
By Kenn Altine, Chief Executive Officer

Blog Post
Heartline - Summer 2017

With apologies to Bill Nye: “It is my vision to change the world. I’m not kidding. Make no small plans. Dream mighty things. I believe if we can get enough people to engage in helping animals, we will get enough people to change the world.”

Each day, rain or shine, hot or cold, weekday or holiday, our volunteers show up. This past Memorial Day, the book barn team, which annually raises $82,000, had seven volunteers sorting books and moving heavy boxes, all for the animals. Elsewhere that day, we had volunteers walking dogs, sorting newspapers and socializing cats.

We have volunteers who answer phones, sort mail, stuff envelopes, wash windows, unload trucks, deliver dog food, visit seniors and help educate children. They fold laundry. They attend community events. They sell raffle tickets. They make gift baskets. They even paint lines on the parking lot.

Some have been with us for decades. Some help once a year. Nereo Rebellato (pictured above with Willis, a Chinchilla rabbit) spent 15 of the first 17 days of May doing something at or for the Sacramento SPCA. Raynia is 103 and still works behind the jewelry counter at Adoptable Goods, our downtown thrift store on “E” Street.

Rosa always has a smile and a big “hello” for everyone she meets. Ward likes to listen to Big Band music while he works in the puppy room. Manina always checks to see if there is a foster dog in any of the administration offices when she makes her rounds for the Kong Brigade.

We rely on our wonderful volunteers to help with many aspects of our shelter operations; to enrich the lives of the animals, support the staff and connect with the community. They are woven into the fabric of the organization and we would not be able to carry out our mission without them: to give more than shelter.

The values that our volunteers and staff share are what makes our organization strong. Each supports the other: sometimes working in tandem, sometimes completing seemingly unrelated tasks. But each knows that what they do – and why they do it – matters to the animals. And it matters to me.

As an organization, we would be hard-pressed financially to replace the work these amazing volunteers do. Most importantly, we would be poorer in spirit if we did not have them. We truly are lucky to be in the company of so many people who love animals.