A Little Help from Your Friends
How playgroups help keep dogs happy in a shelter environment

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Meet Pancho!

He’s been at the Sacramento SPCA for a few months. Pancho is having a hard time in the shelter, and often gets stressed out with seeing other dogs walk by his kennel all day. Unfortunately, his barking has been a bit of a turn off to potential adopters, which means he’s staying with us longer than he’d like.

How can we help a dog like Pancho get some stress relief?


Thanks to a grant from the Petfinder Foundation, Animal Farm Foundation and Dogs Playing for Life, the Sacramento SPCA has three new yards to help us develop our shelter playgroups. These play sessions help our shelter dogs by providing socialization and an outlet to release some pent-up energy. They also allow our staff to get to know our dogs a bit better, which will help us find them a better family match!

A Little Help from Your Friends

So while Pancho may be frustrated with other dogs while in his kennel, we found that he gets along well with certain dogs once he has a chance to play! He’s especially fond of ladies around his size!

Another longtimer named Zach (who recently found a home!), also spent some time in our play yards and did well with a friendly female.

When it comes to stray animals, knowing how a dog does with others can not only help us find them a home more quickly, but also help us find them the right home! We know Pancho’s family is out there, and if they have another little female Pittie, we have a feeling he’ll be thrilled!