Frances & Taffy
You've Got a Friend in Me

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In September 2012, Frances – a retired Sacramento State Physics teacher — lost her beloved Smooth Fox Terrier Molly to lung cancer. At 96 years old, Frances still lived in her family home and always had a dog. Molly was her constant companion, and kept her active with daily walks and gardening.

 A few months later, it was clear that Frances missed having a furry friend. With help from her daughter, they researched different shelters and came across the Sacramento SPCA. Impressed that we welcomed adoptions from seniors with our “Seniors for Seniors” program, they signed up for our Pet Request program to find a great match. Soon after, Taffy (then Lola) showed up at the SPCA and Frances had her new best friend!





Taffy adapted quickly to her new home, enjoyed neighborhood walks and was a “super cuddler” from Day One. In 2015 after breaking her hip, Frances was no longer able to walk and started to use a wheelchair. How did Taffy adjust? Well, she takes a ride and gets her lap sitting and walks at once. (Talk about multitasking!)

Now at 101 years old, Frances has a friend to keep her active, as well as a companion for day to day activities. Taffy has assigned herself as the resident watch dog – even if she’s only protecting mom from the other dogs on TV.

At the Sacramento SPCA we want to ensure the continued relationship between our local area seniors and their pets so they can maintain their special bond. Click here to learn more about our Senior Services:



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