A Family for Billy
Super Senior Adopters for the win!

Blog Post

When Billy, a 15 year old blind Miniature Pinscher, came to the adoption floor at the Sacramento SPCA, he was an instant volunteer favorite! This super senior still had a lot of pep in his step and enjoyed hand fed fresh Kongs from our Kong Brigade.

Billy also reminded us of Tigger – another blind senior Min Pin adopted in 2017. Tigger’s family kept in touch with all of us at the Sacramento SPCA: stopping by for visits, dropping off treats and even making Christmas presents for the staff and volunteers. Sadly, Tigger passed away in February and his family was heartbroken.

When we saw Billy on the adoption floor, we immediately thought of Tigger’s family and reached out to them on Instagram. They seemed interested, and then surprised us by showing up to adopt Billy! Billy has three new doggy siblings who are experienced with blind dogs and will be spoiled rotten for his golden years. Congrats Billy and family.

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