Join Harry’s Big Adventure
Attend the Sacramento SPCA's Roaring 20's PAWTY!

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If you aren’t familiar with Harry’s story or haven’t been following his adventures on Instagram (@harrys_big_adventures), it’s never to late to start.  When you see Harry, you can’t help but smile. Within seconds of meeting someone new, he will hop into your lap and smother you with kisses.

Harry came to the Sacramento SPCA as a transfer from an overburdened shelter and immediately made an impression on all of the staff members. This happy-go-lucky pup with a silly hairdo was full of personality!  We never imagined that such a joyful, bouncy dog was also in the late stages of renal (kidney) failure.  As the first candidate to enter our new Fospice program, we wanted to give Harry every opportunity to experience love and adventure for the remaining time he had. 

When we first introduced the Fospice program and shared Harry’s story in the summer issue of our quarterly Heartline newsletter, he had been living with his foster mom, Beatriz since May.  She vowed to help Harry live life to the fullest and she began documenting all their adventures together on Instagram.  

“When I saw Harry on Facebook, I knew this was the moment – I needed Harry just as much as he needed me!” says Gomez.

Over the last few months, Beatriz and Harry have enjoyed many adventures together.  She discovered that helping Harry live life to the fullest has also changed her outlook on life. “I’ve also found more value in my little moments as well. When I see Harry and Alfons (her other pup) staring at me with tails wagging, I’ll put that laundry down and play with them”, she explains.

Would you like an opportunity to meet Harry and Beatriz?  You can…by attending the Sacramento SPCA’s Roaring 20’s PAWTY on Saturday, October 28th from 6:00 – 10:00 pm.  Harry is our very special canine guest and Beatriz will be his date – he’s the official VID (Very Important Dog) of the evening.  

We hope you will come out to be part of Harry’s adventure at Sacramento’s swankiest PAWTY where we will feature food and wine tastings, silent and live auctions, live entertainment by Element Brass Band and a casino gaming tent.   It’ll be the Bees Knees guaranteed and all proceeds benefit the animals!

Tickets are selling fast, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet Harry and help support the animals cared for by the Sacramento SPCA. Grab your friends, your family or roll up in your finest 20’s themed digs solo – its time to PAWTY!