Community Service Projects


Projects for Students & Scouts

Students and scout troops needing community service hours for school or badge projects are encouraged to help the Sacramento SPCA by completing one of our community service projects.  Your hard work will make a difference in the lives of the animals in our care!

General information

Projects You Can Do

Most of our community service projects involve collecting much-needed items for the Sacramento SPCA.  You can get these items from friends, family and neighbors.  Create a flyer telling people about your project and what kind of items you’re looking for.  List a date on your flyer that you will pick up the items from people’s porches, and ask them to leave their donations outside for you.  Distribute your flyers (with a parent’s permission or assistance) to neighbors or others in your community.  Be sure to return on your chosen date to pick up the items!  Keep track of the time you spend creating and copying your flyers, distributing them, and picking up donations on our downloadable timesheet.