Behavior Seminars


Behavior & Training Seminars

The Sacramento SPCA is dedicated to helping build stronger bonds between dogs and their people by offering quality educational resources.

Attend one of our upcoming seminars to learn more about Sibling Rivalry, Reactivity, Fear & Anxiety and more!


Brave Dog: Fear & Anxiety
Build Your Dog's Confidence

Learn the most humane and effective ways to help dogs who struggle with fear or anxiety! You are a dog’s best hope for learning to feel safer in their world.   Pet owners, trainers, shelter and vet staff, as well as foster care providers will all gain valuable information to improve their dog handling skills.


Leash Monsters: Reactivity
Manage and Modify Reactivity on Walks

In this seminar, we’ll give you some tips and tricks that will help you teach your dog to walk on leash without barking and/or lunging at other dogs, people, cars, etc.  We’ll also provide management and training strategies that will help build focus in your dog and work toward a happy, healthy, non-reactive relationship.


Sibling Rivalry
Helping Your Dogs Get Along

Do your dogs have trouble getting along? Thinking about adding a new dog to your family, but concerned your current dog isn’t ready for a brother or sister?  This presentation will cover how to: