Jose Soriano
Animal Care Supervisor


How long have you worked at the Sacramento SPCA?
I have officially been working at the SSPCA for 3 years.

 Tell us about your current role in the organization, why did it call to you, and what are some things you hope to accomplish?
 As an Animal Care Supervisor, I’m all over the shelter; assisting the staff, communicating with other departments, planning day-to-day tasks, and of course caring for the animals!

I can honestly say I have loved animals my whole life. My mom tells a story about when I was 5 and went missing at home. My family found me on the other side of our block walking our Chihuahua, Peanut, and all I had to say for myself was “Peanut wanted to go potty” Animals have been in my life through great times and bad and all that goes into caring for them is nothing in comparison to the unconditional love they return.

I hope to accomplish great interdepartmental communication while learning the ins and outs of each one as well as helping to build the Animal Care team.

What do you love most about helping animals?
Helping the “unwanted” pets in our community find a home where someone can love them as I love my own pets is what brings me joy in helping the animals.
What type of hobbies do you enjoy outside of the Sacramento SPCA?
I really enjoy cars and motorcycles, learning about how they work, how to make them faster, and how to maintain them. I also enjoy playing video games of all kinds.
If you could choose to be any breed of dog, cat or other companion animal, what would you choose to be and why?
If I could choose to be a breed of dog I would have to be an American Staffordshire Terrier because I believe they are often misunderstood and I would be an ambassador. They are loving, strong, loyal, and have a overall goofy personality.
What animals are currently in your personal life?
I have two dogs, Diamond and Sadie. Diamond, a 6 year old Labrador/American Staffordshire Terrier mix, was my wife’s dog before we met and she was a handful before we started training. My other dog, Sadie, is a 4 year old Boxer mix with the heart of a 4 month old puppy. I also keep a small school of Harlequin Rasbora and a yoyo loach in a 55 gallon fish tank.
Who is your favorite animal currently available for adoption and why?
My favorite animal currently for adoption is Baby. She is an old love bug and I would adopt her in a heartbeat!