4th of July Safety Tips for Your Pets


As many of us plan to enjoy summer and the upcoming holiday festivities, it’s important to remember that our furry friends do not enjoy the Fourth of July celebrations as much as humans do. Pets can get scared and run away because of loud and bright fireworks – and oftentimes, they are not able to find their way back home.

The Sacramento SPCA is recommending pet owners take extra precaution in preparation for the holiday by following the safety tips below:

  • Make sure all pets have a collar, tag, and microchip. Don’t have time to get a microchip or new tag for your pet? Simply write your phone number on your pet’s collar with a permanent marker to add an extra layer of protection.
  • Do not leave pets outside unattended.
  • Keep pets happy inside by giving them a stuffed kong, playing soft music, and play games indoors.

These tips will ensure you and your pet enjoy a happy and safe Fourth of July.

Click here to to learn more about keeping your pet safe during the hot summer months.


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Treats to keep your dog occupied inside during the fireworks & heat wave!

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