Wellness Clinic Veterinarian – Temporary Position

Job Posting

Job Title: Wellness Clinic Veterinarian - Temporary Position
Department: Animal Health
Reports To: Animal Health Practice Manager/Chief of Surgery
FLSA Status: Non-exempt, Temporary Position
Schedule:  Varies (shifts available Sundays, Mondays, and/or Tuesdays – 10:00 am – 4:30 pm)

General Summary

The wellness clinic veterinarian position is a key position in the Sacramento SPCA’s quest to offer the Sacramento community access to high-quality/ low-cost veterinary care. This position performs physical exams and basic medical care (non-urgent, non-emergent, non-critical, non-surgical) on cats, dogs and occasionally rabbits during scheduled Sacramento SPCA Wellness clinic events.  Additionally, wellness clinic veterinarians may be required to help with shelter medicine cases on occasion.

General Position Requirements
  1. Responsible for maintaining a current veterinary license in good standing with the California Veterinary Medical Board.
  2. Must be punctual and maintain regular, predictable attendance.
  3. Must be committed to a high standard of safety and willing and able to comply with all safety laws, safety policies and rules, and be willing to report safety violations to supervisor or management.
  4. Attends meetings, conferences, workshops and training sessions and reviews publications and audio-visual materials to remain current on the principles, practices and new developments in assigned work areas.
Essential Job Functions
  1. Determine overall animal health and nature of disease or injury by completing a thorough physical exam
  2. Restore health by medically treating animals for minor (non-urgent, non-emergent, non-critical, non-surgical) ailments and/or injuries
  3. Prescribe appropriate medications (as needed) in compliance with applicable State and Federal regulations.
  4. Test for and vaccinate against diseases in dogs and cats
  5. Complete appropriate medical records to document all findings and actions
  6. Deliver excellent customer service through client education (overall animal health, benefits of spay/neuter, preventatives, proper husbandry, etc.) and recognize opportunities to promote other SSPCA services as needed (spay/neuter clinic, behavior consultations and training, etc.)
  7. Enhance wellness clinic reputation by taking pride and ownership in work and exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments
  8. Assists with shelter medicine cases when needed, particularly when the Shelter Medicine Veterinarian is unavailable.
  9. Helps ensure the safe storage, access, and use of vaccines and non-controlled drugs in compliance with applicable State and Federal regulations.
  10. Ability to work efficiently within a designated time limit while maintaining excellent customer service and wellness clinic team morale.

Review full job description and apply.