Trap Loan Program

General information
Veterinarian releasing a feral cat in a trap

The Sacramento SPCA is now operating a feral cat trap loan program. The purpose of this program is to loan traps to individuals who participate in TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return). We encourage you to trap, neuter and return cats to their home colonies in order to reduce cat overpopulation. We require a $125 check or credit deposit per trap, which is held until the trap is returned to the Sacramento SPCA.

Our trap loan program is NOT to be used to capture any owned cat, or for any other unlawful purpose. The trap shall only be used for the purpose of spay/neuter procedures or other necessary medical treatment of a FERAL cat. Under no circumstances shall this trap be used to capture a healthy animal for euthanasia or surrender to an animal control agency.

Traps are loaned by appointment only.  Limit two traps per person, if available, for a two week period.  

To borrow a trap, please contact our TNR Coordinator at (916) 504-2818 or email