Commemorative Bricks

General information

Dedicate a Brick

The Sacramento SPCA invites you to support our animals by purchasing a commemorative brick. When you designate a brick for our Adoption Center walkway, you create a timeless tribute. Your purchase of a brick not only creates a loving and thoughtful gift or memorial, but confirms your contribution to helping a homeless animal find a new home.

You can purchase a brick for only $100 and customize the inscription. You may order your brick securely online, or by calling our Membership Department at 916-504-2803.


1.  There is a limit of three lines and 15 characters per line. Spaces, punctuation and symbols are considered characters.
2.  Each line will be automatically centered.
3.  Each brick is $100.00.
4.  If this brick is a gift, you can specify a recipient and address to send an acknowledgement on the order page.

The following characters are available:

  • All letters (upper case only) and numbers.
  • Heart – Use an “at” symbol (@ – Shift and 2 on your keyboard) to order a heart.
  • Star – Use an asterisk (* – Shift and 8 on your keyboard) to order a star.
  • Some punctuation: exclamation point (!), question mark (?), quote (“), apostrophe (‘), hyphen (-), percent (%), ampersand (&), period (.), comma (,), forward slash (/), backslash (\), pound (#), and plus (+).

If there are any other characters you would like to use, please call our Membership Coordinator at 916-504-2803 to see if it’s available and to order via phone.

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