Volunteer Highlight: Rachael

Blog Post

How long have you volunteered at the Sacramento SPCA?
I started volunteering in November 2016. 

What is your role here as a volunteer?
I am a member of the Kong Brigade, specifically the Friday crew.  Preparation of the kongs filled with a delicious treat for the dogs is well worth the time and effort.  It is immediately evident that the dogs look forward to receiving the kongs.  Some of the pups (I often refer to the shelter dogs as pups) have little interest in the kongs unless the kongs are held by a person while the pups indulge on their afternoon snack.  Meanwhile other dogs, particularly the senior pups, may require additional assistance with the kongs due to physical impairments.  I relish in providing that extra personal service for the pups.  What better way to make a new canine friend or two or ten!

I assist with laundry.  With laundry, I do not have a specific assigned day.  Instead, I take a quick glance at the Sacramento SPCA laundry schedule and come in during a time a volunteer is not scheduled.  I was touched upon discovering that the Sacramento SPCA provides daily fresh bedding to all the shelter animals and I want to support their endeavor.

I socialize with the shelter cats and dogs.  The senior cats located in Tiger’s Habitat caught my attention during the Sacramento SPCA orientation and I enjoy stopping by to say hello to them.  I adore senior dogs and cats, thus tend to give the seniors a little extra attention during my shifts.  However, among one of my favorite tasks at the Sacramento SPCA is doggie bath time!  It is absolutely delightful to observe that after a quick dip in the tub results in energetic and happy pups!

Why did you want to volunteer your time here?
I care about my community and am very passionate about giving back.  I am highly fond of animals and took an interest in the Sacramento SPCA’s flexible volunteer shifts and various shelter opportunities.  However, more importantly, my purpose to volunteer is the desire to help the shelter animals feel comfortable, safe and loved during their stay at the Sacramento SPCA.  Aside from enjoying my interactions with shelter animals, I continue to volunteer at the Sacramento SPCA because I am also proud to part of an organization that shares a common interest of genuine compassion towards animals.  

What do you like most about helping animals?
I always enjoy watching the shelter animals blossom.  The transformation of a scared, shy, or withdrawn creature into a calmer, more trusting and happier animal is absolutely wonderful.  It is evident that kindness, respect and patience towards the shelter animals helps them become ready for adoption.  Furthermore, because the inherent nature of dogs and cats to live in the moment; it is a such a pleasure to share that moment with them.  Helping animals is a richly rewarding experience.  Although, at times I question who is helping whom because a simple kiss from a dog or purr and nuzzle from a cat undoubtedly brightens my day.

Do you have any animals at home? If so, tell us their names, species, and ages!
Yes, a male dog.  He is a pug named Tummy!  Nope, that is not a typo.  His name is really Tummy…as in the stomach, abdomen, or belly.  Although uncertain of his age, it is speculated that Tummy may be approximately 11 years old.  Tummy is family and even though he is a senior dog, he is still full of life and very much loved.