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Volunteer Positions

The Sacramento SPCA is looking for volunteers, age 18 or older, who are serious about our organization and are willing to make a time commitment of an average of eight hours a month for a minimum period of twelve months. Please be realistic in determining the number of hours you can give each month.

Please note: Community service student assignments do not include working directly with the animals. Learn more about youth opportunities.

Our goal is to utilize the many talents each one of you has to offer, but it is also important that your needs and expectations be met in the ways in which you choose to volunteer. Here’s how you can help!

Cat Socialization
Provide exercise, play and hands-on activities for cats in the cattery.
Training: Orientation, workshop and three mentor sessions

Dog Socialization
Provide exercise, play, leash manners and hands-on activities for dogs in the kennels. Dog walks and playtime are on Sacramento SPCA property.
Training: Orientation, two workshops and two mentor sessions

Bathe dogs and cats to make them as attractive as possible for potential adopters.
Training: Orientation and completion of dog socialization training

Adoption Counselors
Work with the public to find the best match between families and shelter pets. Educate potential adoptees of pet responsibilities, pet costs and behavior issues.
Training: Orientation, completion of either dog or cat socialization training, 20-40 hours of cat or dog socialization, one workshop, 60 hours of shadowing and 60 hours of being shadowed.

Handy Person
Help shelter with various “odd jobs” as well as pick ups and deliveries.

Assist/direct the public and provide information about the SSPCA.
Training: Orientation and specific training for duties

Pet of the Week
Select and transport shelter animals to local TV and radio stations for “Pet of the Week” segments. Weekday morning availability is necessary. Transportation vehicle is provided.
Training: Orientation and completion of either dog or cat socialization training.

Mobile Adoption
Select animals and feature them at various mobile sites throughout the Sacramento area. Communicate with the public about the Sacramento SPCA and our animals for adoption.
Training: Orientation and completion of either dog or cat socialization training.

Love On Loan
Take your own pet (with certification from the Sacramento SPCA) to senior citizen facilities and other appropriate facilities to visit with residents as approved by the Sacramento SPCA. Pet therapy has proven to reduce stress for individuals who are ill, and the animals receive a lot of attention and socialization.
Training: Orientation and certification.

Humane Education
Educate the public, in a classroom setting, on the proper and humane treatment of animals, pet-overpopulation and the general goals and concerns of the Sacramento SPCA. Teaching or public speaking experience is helpful. Weekday availability is necessary, as well as occasional weekends for shelter tours.
Training: Orientation and specific training for duties.

Thrift Store
Volunteer by helping out at the SPCA Thrift Store at 1517 E Street in downtown Sacramento.
Training: Orientation and specific training for duties.

General Administrative Assistance:   Assemble SPCA mass mailings, prepare educational      packets, photocopy, return phone calls and other tasks as needed.
Spay and Neuter Clinics:  Support the SPCA’s high-volume clinic, return client phone calls, file documents, schedule appointments and help clients complete paperwork.
Animal Receiving:   Support a busy department by returning phone calls, producing photocopies and directing clients.
Training:   Orientation and specific training for duties.

Fundraising and Special Events
Help with the preparation and presentation of many events at the Sacramento SPCA.  Events including the Annual Spring and Fall Book Sales, Doggy Dash, and the Reigning Cats and Dogs Gala.
Training:  Orientation and specific training for duties.

Street Team
This team is essentially our “boots on the ground” for the Sacramento SPCA. As you may know, our community hosts several festivals, parades, farmers markets and runs/walks year round. This team will spread the word about everything the Sacramento SPCA does in our community! May involve walking shelter dogs or even bringing your own dog to events.
Training: New Volunteer Orientation
Contact or call 916-504-2868

Provide temporary home care for shelter animals and litters who need a little extra time and attention. Learn more about fostering.
Training: Foster care workshop.

Senior Services In-Home Program Assistant
Provide assistance to seniors and their pets in our community.  Examples of duties include dog walking for seniors who are home bound, cleaning of litter boxes, transporting pets to their veterinarian or taking pets to grooming appointments.
Training: After completion of a fingerprint and background check, two in-home training workshops.

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