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We Pay to Spay – Free Pit Bull Clinics

Free spay/neuter for pit bulls and pit bull mixes 

The We Pay to Spay program offers free spay/neuter surgery for pit bulls and pit bull mixes by appointment only at our clinic on Florin-Perkins Rd. Surgery is done every Tuesday and Thursday and is available to Sacramento County and West Sacramento residents. You must show proof of residency at the time of your appointment.

Due to the high demand for the free We Pay to Spay program, we only accept phone applications on the fifth of the month for appointments available the next month. We apologize for any inconvenience.

In order to be considered for an appointment through our free pit bull spay/neuter program, you must call our We Pay to Spay hotline on the 5th of the month (regardless of whether the 5th falls on a weekday, weekend or holiday) and please leave a voicemail with the following information:

1) Your full name
2) Your home AND cellular telephone numbers, along with the best time to reach you
3) Your dog’s gender, age and weight (approximate is fine)

Volunteers schedule appointments on a “first-reached, first-scheduled” basis. Due to the volume of calls we receive, it may take until the end of the month for our volunteers to return your call. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please note that volunteers typically make return phone calls in the evening and/or on weekends (from a blocked number). It is important to answer these calls as we cannot book an appointment for your dog unless we speak with you first.


Please call (916) 504-2817 on the 5th of the month.