Sacramento SPCA Spay/Neuter Services

Each year, there are more animals in need of a home than there are homes available to adopt them. Help us ensure each of them has a place of their own by having your pet spayed or neutered.

At the Sacramento SPCA we provide a variety of high quality and affordable services for individuals and families looking to have their pet spayed or neutered. Veterinarians at our clinic perform these lifesaving surgeries seven days a week as part of our ongoing effort to reduce pet overpopulation in the Sacramento region.

Services are offered by appointment only for those who own dogs, cats and rabbits. We also offer free spay/neuter services for pit bulls and pit bull mixes and a low-cost feral cat program.

Schedule an appointment

  1. Dogs – (916) 504-2810 or
  2. Pit bulls/mixes in Sacramento County and West Sacramento - (916) 504-2817 or
  3. Pit bulls/mixes in Rancho Cordova and Elk Grove - (916) 504-2825
  4. Cats and rabbits – (916) 504-2811 or
  5. Feral cats – (916) 504-2818 or

Service costs
Review our fee schedule for information on what it will (low) cost to sterilize your pet.

Services are offered for free to owners of pit bulls or pit bull mixes through the Sacramento SPCA’s We Pay to Spay program for residents of Sacramento County and the City of West Sacramento. Select areas of Rancho Cordova and Elk Grove are also provide the service for free.

For more information on our feral cat program, click here.

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