Public Services

The Sacramento SPCA takes pride in the many community services we offer to members of our community. Through these services we reach out to the public, teaching about the care and welfare of animals, and sharing the goals of our organization. If your organization is interested in participating in one of our many Outreach Programs, call 916-504-2842 or fill out our Request for Services/Programs Form. We’ll be happy to help you!


Behavior Helpline
The Sacramento SPCA web site contains a wealth of written information about dogs and dog behavior issues, cat behavior issues and links to other resources.
This information may be enough for you to resolve the issues you are having with your pet. Click here to access our dog related topics and here to access cat-related topics.
Unless out website advises you to set up a consultation to address your dog’s behavior issues, PLEASE READ THROUGH THE INFORMATION IN THE RECOMMENDED RESOURCES AND TRY THE SUGGESTED SOLUTIONS BEFORE CONTACTING THE SACRAMENTO SPCA ABOUT YOUR ISSUE. If you’ve done Girl holding puppythat, and the solutions in our handouts haven’t helped, you can get further help from the Behavior and Training department by filling out our Behavior Helpline Form. We will review your issues and get back to you as soon as possible by email.

If you do not have email access, you can leave a phione message at 916-504-2848. Leave your address in the message and we’ll m,ail a helpline form to fill out and return.


Dog Training Classes
We offer on-site dog training classes for dogs four months-of-age and older. Dogs enrolled in dog training classes must be current on all vaccinations. Our dog training classes are taught and/or overseen by our Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) and Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT) and use only positive reinforcement training methods. Registration for dog training classes is available online through our website. Classes are offered for both beginning and intermediate levels. For more information on our dog training classes or to register online, click here to visit our Training and Classes page.

Humane Education & Camp Kindness
Our Humane Education Department helps promote our philosophy that lessons of kindness, responsibility and respect for animals and people alike are an important part of ensuring a bright future for our children and the world they will inherit. Unfortunately, pet overpopulation and animal abuse and neglect are at crisis levels in the Sacramento area. This department educates the public on the proper and humane treatment of animals, pet overpopulation and the general goals of the SPCA by making classroom visits, conducting guided tours of the shelter and offering our popular children’s day camp, Camp Kindness.

Camp Kindness is a seasonal day camp designed to teach children about the proper care of companion animals and the importance of humane treatment of all animals. Camp Kindness is a fun and educational way for kids to learn about pets and animal-related issues through crafts, guest speakers, demonstrations and hands-on socialization with the SPCA’s adoptable animals. For more information on our Humane Education programs or Camp Kindness, call 916-504-2849 or click here to e-mail our Humane Education Manager. You may also click here to visit the Camp Kindness section of our website.

Information Tables
The SPCA participates in community events by offering educational information tables. These tabling events help communicate the goals and concerns of the SPCA to members of the community through educational handouts, informational speakers and much more. For information on how to request an information table for your event call 916-504-2842 or click here to e-mail our Community Services Director.

Mobile Adoptions
Our Mobile Adoption unit introduces our adoptable animals to the community. Many of our adoptable pets are featured at mobile adoption sites throughout the Sacramento area. Requested mobile adoption sites include Sacramento Kings games, home and garden shows and other venues throughout Sacramento. Mobile Adoption allows our animals to gain exposure to the public and makes knowledgeable volunteers and staff available to answer questions and educate the public about our programs and the other services and benefits we offer. For information on the next mobile adoption event call 916-504-2847 or click here to visit our calendar.

Shelter Tours
Would you like a tour of our shelter? Shelter tours are available, by appointment, to scout troops, field trip groups and youth organizations as well as adult groups from 11am to 6pm Tuesday through Friday. Your group will get a guided tour along with information on our many programs and services. The tour will allow you to visit adoptable animal areas, talk with and ask questions of our animal care staff and volunteers, and get a sneak peek into the daily operations of the shelter. Reservations are required and a $2 per person donation is requested with a $20 minimum for groups smaller than 10. Average tours last approximately 45 minutes and are preceded by a brief educational talk. To set up a tour for your group call 916-504-2849 or click here to e-mail our Humane Education Manager.

Volunteer Opportunities
We’re proud to have been Sacramento magazine’s choice for Best Place to Volunteer. Volunteers play a critical role in the daily operation of our shelter’s programs and services. There are many volunteer opportunities available and every effort is made to match each volunteer with a job they will enjoy the most. With proper training and guidance, volunteers have the opportunity to involve themselves in many areas of the shelter, from socializing and walking animals, to staffing special events, to helping with shelter maintenance.

Our foster parent volunteers provide very important services for our organization and are always needed. Foster parents provide temporary care for an animal while it recovers from sickness, injury, or just needs a few weeks of socialization, giving many animals a better chance of finding a permanent home. Foster parents are given all training and supplies needed to care for their fosters and are carefully matched with proper candidates.

Interested in becoming a volunteer?  Sacramento SPCA volunteers must be at least 18 years of age although we do have many youth group activites and community service projects available for those under 18. For more information on how to join our wonderful volunteer group call 916-504-2847 or click here to e-mail the Volunteer Program Manager. You may also click here to visit the volunteer section of our website.