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Missing Pets

If you’ve lost your pet, you’ve come to the right page.  If you’re interested in adopting an available animal, please click here to visit our Meet Adoptable Animals page.

IMPORTANT!!! If you believe a listed animal is yours, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you visit the shelter and claim your pet immediately! Do not call and leave voice mail messages! Our call volume is very high and we may not receive your message in a timely fashion.  It is also important that you come to the shelter in person to identify your missing pet since not all missing pets appear on this site.

There will be fees upon redemption of a stray animal. Those fees will be calculated based upon a number of factors which includes the jurisdiction in which the animal resides, whether the animal is licensed, any medical costs, and the length of stay in the shelter. We will advise you of those fees at the time of redemption. Thank you!