Behavior Help


At the Sacramento SPCA, we’re here to help you build a lasting bond with your pet. The Sacramento SPCA Training Center lead by Val Masters, CDBC, CPDT, provides a well-rounded program of training and behavior services to help you live a great life with your pet.

Dog training classes (dogs 4 months of age and older)
Everything you need to lead a better life with your dog, from basic training all the way to Canine Good Citizen certification.

Private dog behavior consultations 
One-on-one attention to help you begin to resolve the behavior issues you’re having with your dog

Private obedience training
Affordable private obedience training for you and your dog

Canine Good Citizen exam
Help your dog interact positively with the community, and even begin the journey toward being a pet therapy dog

Pet behavior library
Resources that help you better understand your pet(s) and their behavior

Free behavior helpline
Advice from trained specialists from the convenience of your own home

General pet care resources
Tips on how to manage common animal-related situations