Animal Behavior Services Associate


Job Title: Animal Behavior Services Associate

Department: Animal Behavior Department

Reports To: Foster/Rescue Coordinators and Animal Behavior Manager

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Work Schedule: Full-time. Schedule will include weekend work.

Salary Range: $13.00-15.00 / hour


General Summary:

The Animal Behavior Services Associate is responsible for providing support for all aspects of the Animal Behavior Department. This position performs a wide variety of support tasks including hands on work with animals as well as administrative and clerical duties.


Essential Job Functions:

1. Work directly with the Sacramento SPCA Foster and Rescue Coordinators to assist with foster and rescue placement. Serve as backup to Foster and Rescue Coordinators when they are out of office.

2. Responsible for tracking and maintaining records.

3. Check and respond to department wide voice mails and email inquiries, providing clients with behavioral information consistent with SSPCA Animal Behavior Department views and guidelines.

4. Schedules foster/rescue appointments, group classes, and private consultations.

5. Ensures copies are made and stocked for classes, consultations, orientations, and adoption handouts.

6. Promote and emulate exemplary customer service by providing courteous, prompt, and responsive service to internal and external staff and customers.

7. Responsible for cleaning and sanitizing all behavior and training spaces in accordance with shelter-wide disease prevention protocols.

8. Assist with maintaining accurate and updated program and statistical information pertaining to dog training classes, consultations, Behavior Helpline, and Foster/Rescue.

9. Assists with collecting and processing department-wide payments, deposits, and refunds.

10. Bathes and grooms animals, administers vaccinations and completes preliminary physical examinations in the prescribed manner. Medicates any animal designated for treatment by the Staff Veterinarian as needed.

11. Coordinates with Adoptions to ensure retail store carries and stocks needed items for class participants and consultation clients.

12. While maintaining a high regard for public safety, evaluate the health and behavior of SPCA animals to determine their status as euthanasia, adoption, or rescue candidate.

13. Must be committed to a high standard of safety and be willing and able to comply with all safety laws and all of the employer’s safety policies and procedures and must be willing to report safety violations and potential safety violations to appropriate supervisory or management personnel.

14. Organize transport of animals to and from shelters and rescue groups including driving Sacramento SPCA vehicles to and from shelters in the area as needed.

15. Coordinates ordering/inventory, processes, and submits payment, handles reimbursements, and invoicing for department wide inventory and financial needs.

16. Insures that animal(s) are spayed/neutered prior to rescue either by physical exams or scheduling surgeries with Spay Clinic.

17. Tracks the spay/neuter of animals that may have to be altered after leaving due to health or medical rehabilitation.

18. May be asked to assist and perform euthanasia for shelter animals as needed.

19. Must be punctual and maintain regular, predictable attendance.


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