Dog Behavior Consultations

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Is your dog timid or aggressive toward people (including children) or other dogs? Are you interested in one-on-one training for you and your dog to work on specific behaviors?

The Sacramento SPCA offers low-cost private consultations where you and your dog can receive one-on-one attention to address your dog’s behavior issue(s).

For some behavior issues (aggressive behavior, separation anxiety, severe fear / anxiety issues), an in-person consultation is required (rather than offering suggestions by email or over the phone) because we need to assess and work directly with your dog to determine what the particular issues are, and what methods to implement to get the best results through training and behavior modification. However, you may request a consultation for any behavior issue if you desire one-on-one training time with a behavior counselor.

For most consultations, we recommend a 90-minute initial consultation. One or more additional consultations may be recommended based on your dog’s training requirements. You may opt for a shorter initial session of 60 minutes if the behavior issue is not severe or due to budget constraints. Our counselors can help determine if a 60-minute session would be right for you.

Consultations are held at the Sacramento SPCA and are by appointment only. To schedule, download and fill out our online consultation form, then send it back to us at or fax it to (916) 394-5384.

The Sacramento SPCA recommends you use Adobe’s ‘Reader’ software to fill out this form. You can find the most recent version here.



Fee Type 90 min(initial) 60 min (initial or follow up) 30 min(follow up only)
 General public $85 $60 $30
Dogs Adopted from the SPCA (Florin-Perkins Rd) within the last year $40
(initial session only)
(initial session only)
Dogs adopted from the SPCA over a year ago $75 $50 $30
Dogs adopted from the Sacramento City (Front St.)
or County (Bradshaw Rd.) facilities
$75 $50 $30
Senior rate (65+) $65 $45 $25