Customer Care Manager

Job Posting

Job Title:  Customer Care Manager
Department:  Customer Care
Reports To:  Animal Services Practice Manager
FLSA Status:  Exempt

Salary Range:  $44,000 to $47,000 DOE
Typical Schedule:  Wednesday through Sunday

General Summary
The Customer Care Manager is a key team member in the Sacramento SPCA’s goal to exhibit excellence in customer service. This position oversees activities in the two most public-facing departments of the organization: Intake and Adoptions. This role requires a high degree of customer service, great professionalism, adaptability, tact, and self-confidence. The Customer Care Manager will be responsible for the people and resources in these dynamic and customer-centric areas and will have significant independence in action while implementing initiatives at both the team and organization levels. On a daily basis, this position will direct overall activities of the Intake and Adoptions supervisors and be responsible for training, motivating, and leading department staff.

Essential Job Functions

  1. Leads the organization in delivering exceptional customer service to both internal and external customers.
  2. Assists the Animal Services Practice Manager in strategic planning objectives for the Customer Care departments and continuously looks for ways to improve services and procedures.
  3. Understands the dynamics of the change process and assists the Animal Services Practice Manager to ensure that all office activities are reviewed and modified in an effective and efficient manner.
  4. Responsible for the daily duties and organization of the Animal Intake and Adoptions Departments.
  5. Provides accurate information and friendly professional service to the public and to coworkers in a responsive, positive, courteous, truthful and tactful manner.
  6. Able to perform all duties and tasks of the positions within the Customer Care department. Occasionally covers for supervisors or associates in a variety of roles.
  7. Provides training and development for the Customer Care department staff to provide for their growth and to maximize their potential for the good of the shelter, keeping the Animal Services Practice Manager aware of this training.
  8. Ensures that all staff follow policies and procedures set by the Sacramento SPCA and the Animal Services Practice Manager.
  9. Provides guidance and supervision for volunteers in the Customer Care departments.
  10. Conducts meetings with Customer Care department staff regarding policies, procedures, training, and customer service, keeping them abreast of all aspects of the department and the welfare of the Sacramento SPCA.
  11. Reviews the work of the Customer Care department staff under the guidelines set by the Animal Services Practice Manager and ensures that accurate and timely feedback is presented.
  12. Reviews and proposes budget changes for the Customer Care departments.
  13. Works collaboratively with all other departmental managers and attends regular manager meetings.
  14. Responsible for all daily paperwork, ensuring that all revenue is kept secure, and all records pertaining to revenue are turned in at the end of each workday.
  15. Respond to sensitive and difficult complaints from the public, staff, and volunteers, and attempts to resolve conflict situations in a professional manner. Sets an example of professionalism, and enforces policies and procedures as they relate to the Customer Care department.
  16. Prepares and delegates daily office work assignments, lunch and break schedules, and other projects as needed.
  17. Works collaboratively with supervisors and associates to maintain a sanitary and professional environment for the customers we serve.
  18. Performs or supervises interviews, and is responsible for recruitment decisions.
  19. Maintains supplies and supervision of the retail store and associated inventory. Uses online billing system to approve charges and order necessary supplies for Customer Care departments.
  20. Coordinates all aspects of special events or activities occurring in the adoption center and assists in coordinating off-site events.
  21. Ensures the Sacramento SPCA Animal Intake Team’s performance in the proper receiving of animals as dictated by state and local laws. Oversees intake procedures performed by staff members in other departments.
  22. Responsible for Rabies report to partnered agencies, and/or local municipal shelters and serves as the contact person for contracted municipal agencies with concerns, animal releases, reclaims or assisting with protocol.
  23. Reviews and maintains animal control contracts with contacted governmental agencies.
  24. Performs or assists with the euthanasia of animals in accordance with established laws and SSPCA policy; disposes of the euthanized animal in accordance with established SSPCA procedure. Completes the daily records for animal euthanasia.
  25. Must be punctual and maintain regular, predictable attendance.
  26. Must be committed to a high standard of safety and be willing and able to comply with all safety laws and all of the employer’s safety policies and rules and must be willing to report safety violations and potential safety violations to appropriate supervisory or management personnel.

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