Sadie and Kirby: One step closer to home

Life is always better with a friend by your side. When it comes to two dogs who just arrived at the Sacramento SPCA, truer words have never been written.

Sadie and Kirby have been together since Kirby was just a puppy. Both adopted, they have spent all of their years with a great owner, bonding over some of life’s greatest details — going to the dog park, learning how to shake, and watching YouTube videos.*

Sadie and Kirby practicing their adoption smiles

Sadie and Kirby practicing their adoption smiles

Sadly, this past February they lost the greatest part of their life when their owner suddenly passed away. Since then, they’ve been staying with a family friend. Unable to place the dogs into a new home, the friend reached out to the Sacramento SPCA and we made a promise to find the dogs a home together.

Bonded given the journey they’ve traveled together, Sadie won’t walk through a door without Kirby by her side. And when Kirby seems to struggle with the loss of their owner, he turns to Sadie.

“Upon meeting them you just know that these two dogs need to continue their journey together,” explains Jeannette Biskup, the Sacramento SPCA’s chief of operations. “We’re going to do everything we can to make that happen. Fortunately, we always receive such great support from the Sacramento community that we have no doubt that these two will soon be home again.”

The pair is currently available for adoption. Sadie is a seven-year-old black Lab mix and her pal Kirby is a three-year-old Beagle mix. Learn more about them by visiting the shelter.

* That’s right. Sadie is a fan of both TV and YouTube. Her favorites? Cartoons or anything with other animals and kids.

Bridget’s Happy Ending

This is the story of Munchie, a Chihuahua mix who started out as a stray and found herself a happy ending.

B in the sun

Originally found in someone’s backyard, it was clear that Munchie would need a fair amount of medical treatment. Upon surrender at the Sacramento SPCA, the little dog with her tongue hanging out of her mouth, quickly won the hearts of our shelter staff. Through a medical assessment, it was determined that not only did she need to have nine teeth extracted, but she also had a cancerous mammary mass along with a heart murmur.

All of a sudden this silly faced little dog was faced with a long road ahead of her.

Then walked in Sharilyn — a former Sacramento SPCA staff member, a current volunteer, and a regular supporter, but more importantly, someone who was willing to adopt little Munchie, no matter what lied. When asked what made her want to adopt Bridget, Sharilyn told us that, “the ‘imperfect’ ones are the ‘perfect’ ones to me.”

Sharilyn & B

Munchie, now Bridget, has since recovered from surgery and spends her days lying in the sun and being doted on by the family. Sharilyn says she is one happy pup and to “watch out for that tongue, because she loves to give kisses and they are big ones!”

Sharilyn and Bridget share their home with another Sacramento SPCA alumni, Bubbles, who was adopted in 2007.

A new home for Sherpa before the weekend

Sherpa is a 10-year-old kitty who is eagerly awaiting her new home. We say “eagerly” because she has recently started to decline in the shelter.

With us since Christmas Eve, Sherpa is being affected by the stress that comes with living in a shelter. Despite having a suite with a very tall cat tree, rolling scratching post, bed and all the savory food she can eat, she’s still ready for a home where she can be a member of a family.

In recent weeks, Sherpa’s appetite has begun to wane and she also came down with (but recovered from!) a mild upper respiratory infection (kitty cold). All of us at the Sacramento SPCA want her to be in a new home very soon so she can be her old self again, which is incredibly affectionate and pretty spry for a 10-year-old kitty.

Sherpa’s adoption fee is only $85, but because she is an adult, she’s free to any persons over 65 years of age. This Friday anyone can adopt her for only $5!

Can you give Sherpa a home?

Watch her appearance on Fox 40′s Morning Show:

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American Red Cross releases first aid app for pets

In recent months, the American Red Cross released a pet first aid app for pet owners. In the event of a pet emergency, it can guide you through almost any emergency until you can get the assistance you need from a veterinary professional.

Today, the Sacramento SPCA’s Carol Mefferd joined Jordan Scott from the American Red Cross California Capital Chapter on Good Day Sacramento to review the app and give a few quick tips on how to administer CPR to your pet.

The app is available for only $0.99 for both iPhone and Android. Learn more at

Remember that any first aid administered to your pet should be followed by immediate veterinary care. Always keep handy the phone number of your veterinarian and the nearest emergency animal hospital.

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Adopting Nellie

Nellie's black and white photoNellie’s going home! The time has finally come for our little Nellie to leave the nest. Although this time is bittersweet for those of us at the Sacramento SPCA, we are very excited to begin receiving your applications and learn how your home will be a great one for her.

Applications to adopt Nellie will be accepted from Monday, February 17 to Friday, February 21 at 5 p.m. PT. The following forms and information are required to apply:

1. Sacramento SPCA dog matchmaker questionnaire
2. A brief letter explaining how your home and lifestyle will be well-suited for Nellie

Email or fax your full application to Sacramento SPCA Foster Care Coordinator Sarah Varanini by the deadline. Fax number: (916) 394-5390.

You may also drop off your application at the Sacramento SPCA at 6201 Florin-Perkins Rd., 95828. Please deliver it to the front receiving building (follow the signs).

Although we’d like nothing more than to fulfill requests to meet Nellie prior to the processing of each application, please know that we are unable to given the high number of animals we care for each day.

Applications chosen for consideration will be contacted the week of February 24. If we determine that the first applicant is not a good fit for Nellie or if the applicant decides not to adopt her, we will move on to the next preferred applicant.

Nellie as paw in baby food version of Sacramento SPCA logoAn announcement will be made celebrating the next step in Nellie’s life — her adoption — a success we couldn’t have achieved without your incredible support.

From all of us at the Sacramento SPCA, thank you for allowing our little Nellie to capture your hearts.

Go Nellie go!

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Sacramento SPCA asks for community’s help to reduce overcrowding at its shelter

Only one week into the New Year and we’ve already begun to implement changes to reduce overcrowding at our shelter this year. These changes will allow us to better manage animal intake — a step that will improve the care we’re able to provide the animals.

In the last six years we’ve seen a 134% increase in the number of stray animals coming into our shelter. Unfortunately, an animal shelter at or beyond capacity places an incredible amount of stress on the animals and we’re looking to make their stay with us as pleasant as possible — but we can’t do it without your partnership!

By helping us achieve the following, you’ll help us to ensure the best possible care for animals in our community.

1. Bring stray animals found in the city and county of Sacramento to the respective animal shelter funded for their care.

By law, stray animals must be housed by the government agencies funded to provide care. In previous years, the Sacramento SPCA took many of these animals in and incurred the cost of transferring them to the appropriate government agency, reducing the funds available for direct animal care.

  • For dogs and cats found within the city limits (noted by green street signs), the public needs to take them to the City of Sacramento Front Street Animal Shelter at 2127 Front Street.
  • For dogs and cats found outside of the city limits, but within the county limits (noted by white street signs), the public needs to take them to Sacramento County Animal Care & Regulation at 3839 Bradshaw Road. This includes animals found within the city of Elk Grove.
  • Exceptions to this rule include the cities of Rancho Cordova and Folsom which have contracted with other entities for service. Animals found in Rancho Cordova must be brought to the Sacramento SPCA. Animals found in Folsom must be brought to Blue Ravine Animal Hospital at 1770 Prairie City Drive in Folsom.

2. Spread the word that we’re now open Wednesday to Sunday. These hours align the Sacramento SPCA’s shelter service hours with others in the community.

3. And tell those who need it that we’re now offering an additional affordable vaccination clinic. Clinics are available on both Monday and Tuesday of each week now from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at our facility on Florin-Perkins Road.

4. Ensure that all of your pets are provided a collar and ID tag. The best way to reduce the number of stray animals in local animal shelters is to prevent pets from becoming strays. A collar and ID tag will put a lost animal back in its home rather than in an animal shelter.

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Help us give them a happy holiday

Dear Sacramento,

Because of you we’ve had a great year at the Sacramento SPCA. Your generosity and concern for local animals in need has allowed us to do many things.

We’ve placed nearly 7,000 animals, provided spay/neuter surgery to more than 22,000 pets and have helped many people and animals through our humane education, training, senior service and wellness programs.

Can you help us ensure that the pets we’re still currently helping have a holiday to remember too? There are so many ways you can help this holiday season.

Make a donation.  Every dollar counts toward providing comfort for the animals, whether that is providing them much-needed medical treatments or simply the basics during their stay with us.

Adopt during Feline Navidad. This time of year, there are still hundreds of felines at the Sacramento SPCA in need—and the holiday season is a great time to welcome them home. Adopt any adult (one year or old) cat, any day for just $5 now through December 31.

Give a gift. A donation of any of the gifts listed on our wish Home for the holidayslist will help those animals who don’t get a home for the holidays to still have the comfort and happiness of home.

What you do makes a big difference. Help us give them a happy holiday.


Your friends at the Sacramento SPCA

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Everyone “Likes” Olive!

Sweet little Olive was featured on the Sacramento SPCA’s Facebook page on February 26 with a photo and a paragraph telling her story. The stray female Chihuahua-mix was immediately placed with a foster family, until a permanent home could be found for her.

Sweet Olive

Perhaps due to Olive’s unique appearance, her story gained speed immediately and began circulating throughout the social media world. Her bio explained not only that she was born with the facial deformity, but also that she was a little shy at first, loves to cuddle, enjoyed the company of other dogs and that she was looking for a nice family. Her birth defect didn’t hold her back from life’s simple pleasures like enjoying a nice meal, going for walks or playing with her foster family. Her appearance didn’t hold her back either, as her sweet little face made its way not only all over California, but across the country as well.

In less than 24 hours, our Foster Care Coordinator Sarah Varanini was receiving countless inquiries, both local and national, about the sweet little dog whose story was featured on Facebook. A potential adopter, Cynthia Moeller-Pascarella, sent an email saying that she was willing to make the eight-hour drive from San Diego to meet Olive.

After an extensive phone-interview Pascarella booked an appointment with Varanini and made the trek with her two other rescue dogs.

It was love at first sight. On March 2, Moeller- Pascarella signed the paperwork and Olive was en route to sunny San Diego where she would enjoy her days with two new canine siblings.

Olives new family

Olive’s story shows us the potential for social media and the impact it can have on animal rescue and outreach. In addition to the cute pet photos or hilarious videos that circulate the social media waves, it’s important to remember what a powerful tool social media can be.

After Olive’s new family photo was posted on the Facebook wall following her adoption, Moeller-Pascarella commented “I am over the moon in love with her and grateful that I was chosen!”

Do you think she’ll tell people “they met online?” We hope so.

Find the Sacramento SPCA on Facebook, “like” us and help us make a difference in the lives of animals like little Olive.

Come Dash With Us!

The 20th Anniversary Doggy Dash is set for June 8 at William Land Park. It’s the perfect opportunity for dog-lovers to show off their dog and enjoy an unforgettable day! Registration is now open for the 2k or 5k walk which start at 9am. Don’t forget to join us afterwards for the Bark at the Park Festival with entertainment, agility demonstrations and over 150 vendors featuring dog-friendly items. Please note that dogs are not required to participate!


Want to really make a difference? Start a team and help us reach our fundraising goal! Teams are an essential part to the $250,000 fundraising goal we set each year for the Doggy Dash. Camaraderie and goal-setting are what help to make the Doggy Dash so successful. Keep reading for more information on how you can create a team of friends, co-workers and/or family members to join you for an unforgettable day.

Team Specifics:

  • $40 per person
  • Teams of 10 or more people will receive a signature WOOF hat along with a customized high-tech performance t-shirt with team color and name (must be signed up by May 10)

Team Perks:

  • If your team raises $2,500 by May 20, 2013, we will provide your company with a free 10’ x 10’ booth at the Doggy Dash ($150 value). The tent can be used as a vendor booth for your company or as a gathering space for teammates.
  • There will be a special team registration area and packet pick-up at our pre-registration location, as well as on the day of the event. The Dash will also feature a team photo area from 7am until 1pm, to help you commemorate your achievement!
  • For all fundraising teams raising $2,500 or above, are invited to a special appreciation lunch at the Sacramento SPCA in late June.

Click here to sign up as an individual or a team:

Questions? Please contact the Events department at 916-504-2802 or 916-504-2868

Have you found some BUNNY to love?

Pets make wonderful additions to our lives in so many different ways. They keep us entertained, keep us busy and most importantly, remind us that we are needed!

If you’re in the market for a new best friend and are trying to decide what pet is best for you…have you considered a rabbit?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you are considering adopting a rabbit:

1. Depending on the age of the rabbit, are you willing to invest up to a 10 year commitment, for the span of his or her life? 2. Rabbits, though small, need a fair amount of space. Do you have an area in your home that the rabbit can move around, get some exercise, and stretch his/her legs? 3. Do you have small children? Some rabbits love kids! But it’s important to remember that they are ground dwellers. They prefer to sit in your lap if they aren’t on the ground, and it’s important to teach children how to properly handle a rabbit. 4. What other animals do you have in your home? Some are frightened by large animals, while some do great with (rabbit-friendly) dogs/cats. It’s important to know what the dynamics will be like in your home. 5. Are you willing to spend time socializing your rabbit? This means petting them daily and offering a comfortable amount of human interaction. This keeps them well-adjusted and used to your family. A social rabbit is a happy rabbit!

Rabbits may be quiet, but their body language says a lot! They are curious and inquisitive, but also affectionate once they get used to you. Opening up your home to a bunny can be a really positive experience for the right household.

We hope you’ll visit the Sacramento SPCA during our “Some BUNNY to love” adoption event going on NOW through February 28th. All rabbits are spayed/neutered and microchipped and just $20 till the end of the promotion!