Paws For Health Fund

Help those who need you the most…

Every animal deserves a champion

The Sacramento SPCA is looking for some very special people to help us care for some of the neediest animals at our shelter. Many of the animals that come to us are sick or injured and require veterinary attention and rehabilitation that may not be possible unless a special friend like you steps up to support their care until they are well enough to be placed in a new home.

Help transform the lives of our special-needs animals by donating today to our Paws for Health Fund. The Paws for Health Fund helps pay for urgently needed veterinary care for animals taken in by the SPCA. Your tax deductible donation will go to those animals who are most in need of critical care.

Click on the pictures to learn more about some of the animals that currently need your help, or simply DONATE NOW!

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KITTENS We still have many kittens in our Sickbay here at the SPCA. These kittens have Upper Respiratory Infections and suffer from sneezing, runny noses, runny eyes and congestion. They need daily care including antibiotics, humidifying, fluids and more. Many of these kittens would love to go into foster care! Please consider donating or becoming a foster parent for the SSPCA!  $100  Click here to DONATE NOW Annie.    Annie came to us with a terrible demopup 023case of mange that required several weeks in foster care getting medication, special baths, good food and lots of TLC.  Please consider donating so we can help more animals like Annie get the best care possible.
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Foster Kittens! It’s kitten season here at the SPCA and we have over 200 kittens currently in foster care. We are in need of more feline foster homes (nothing is more fun!), Kitten Milk Replacer, and many varieties of wet food for our finicky babies. Please help us help them!  $100  Click here to DONATE NOW